Cardinal Dolan Admits Church Got Bested By Gays And Allies In Passage Of NY Marriage Equality

Now that former bishop/Douche of the Week Timothy Dolan has traveled to the Vatican for his altar-boy circle jerk initiation, he’s been promoted to cardinal. And Dolan has decided to speak out about how he failed to secure an unholy alliance with the GOP party in order to block the passage of marriage equality in New York State last year.

Dolan told the New York Daily News:

“We got burned last year when we were told the redefinition of marriage didn’t have much of a chance—and of course it did. Our Senate leaders, we highly appreciated them being with us all along. When they kind of assured us it didn’t have much of a chance—not that we let up, but we probably would have been much more vigorous and even more physically present if we knew there was a chance. We got a little stung, and it could be as much our fault as anyone else’s.”

At least he’s not inviting NOM to come to New York to try to repeal the measure? Still, he sounds a little bitter about getting trounced by ally-extraordinaire Andrew Cuomo and his merry band of gays. And we are loving it—though we’re certainly not ones to gloat.

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  • Joey Boots

    “Beasted”? [/RollEyesAndFeelSuperior]

  • Robert in NYC

    This man’s command of English is abysmal. If his cult wants to interfere in the political affairs of state, then we should all start a movement to force them to pay taxes, no exceptions. They can’t have it both ways, either put up or STFU.

  • Belize

    @Robert in NYC: That actually worked in another country once. I’m just not sure which one. Apparently, the church sought to stop a government project due to its nature and the government hinted that it might review the provision to not tax the church. Needless to say, the church, like any other bully, got put in its place.

  • Scott Rose

    Cardinal Pedophile Protector should get deported to the Vatican to kiss Pope Nazinger’s ass there. Did you know that when there are proposed laws to lift the statute of limitations on the prosecution of child rape, the Church’s insurers threaten the law makers against lifting the statutes? i.e. lift those statutes, and we will make YOUR insurance situation a lot more difficult. The Church throws so much business to those insurers, that the insurance execs find ways successfully to threaten the law makers. Cardinal Pedophile Protector is THAT twisted. August, 2011; Father Jaime Duenas of the Bronx, arrested on charges he repeatedly molested a 16-year-old girl working in the Church rectory. 7 of the charges, DNA qualified. Dolan took to his blog to trash the 16-year-old girl. The message to be conveyed was “Come forward as a Church sex abuse victim, and you too will get trashed to the public by Dolan.” Here’s the blog post where Dolan trashed the 16-year-old sex abuse victim:

  • B

    No. 3 · Belize wrote, “@Robert in NYC: That actually worked in another country once. I’m just not sure which one.” It worked even better in England under Henry VIII, but I guess they realize that royalty doesn’t have the influence it once did. Henry didn’t just tell them to STFU, he told the to GTFO (with G standing for “get” and O standing for “out”).

  • Michael Ciaccio

    I just met Cardinal Dolan two days ago and spoke to him for a couple of minutes. Now, I am Gay, and I obviously support marriage equality, but Dolan is by no means a douche. He was honestly one of the nicest most genuine leaders I’ve ever met and nicer than the majority of gay men I’ve met in New York City. Did anyone expect a Catholic leader to say how much he loves gay marriage? Give me a break. He says what he has to say to protect his institution.

    And that circle jerk comment:
    That really makes you look so intelligent.

  • Huh ...

    @Michael Ciaccio: Wait, he was nice to you? Oh well, that changes everything. I mean, if he’s *nice* then sure, by all means, let’s not call him on the fact that he and his institution are completely against us. *Nice* is what counts.

    PS: How’s life in the cabin?

  • Scott Rose

    @Michael Ciaccio: Now why is Michael Ciaccio ass-kissing Dolan on a public comments thread? Is this the same Michael Ciaccio of New York who works for MSCI Inc? Does MSCI Inc. not offer investing counseling to institutional investors? Could it be that the Church or other institutions connected with it are working with MSCI Inc?

  • Shungaboy

    Just want to let everyone know that in response to the church’s recent (unsuccessful) call to censor the fabulous gay art Hide/Seek exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum (show closed as scheduled on Feb 16), the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art currently has an open Call For Entries for the upcoming exhibit UNCENSORED: Queer Art and the Church. Deadline March 20. Exhibit March 27-April1. My submittal “Male Love” on my blog

  • Ragmatical

    his altar-boy circle jerk initiation? ..not very mature. I can understand how people are offend and hurt by how they’re treated and viewed… but why don’t we show how much better we are instead of insinuating stuff like this?

  • B

    Re No. 8 · Scott Rose, who wrote, “@Michael Ciaccio: Now why is Michael Ciaccio ass-kissing Dolan on a public comments thread? Is this the same Michael Ciaccio of New York who works for …”

    First, this is an ad hominem argument, coupled with a conspiracy theory.

    Second, what Michael was saying is that Dolan seemed like a nice guy in person. Dolan, however, works for a large institution and could be fired for not doing what he is told. As a case in point, one Catholic priest spoke out during a church service against Proposition 8 in California just before the election. He was summarily fired – thrown out on the street. Now to consider the implications of that, check out which gives estimates of the salary of a Catholic Priest: “The salary of a Diocesan Priest usually ranges from between 15K a year at the low end to 30K a year at the high end. If we add in the stipends, and the fact that priests do not pay rent for housing, the range is 20K a year at the low end to 35K a year at the high end. Priests pay taxes on their salary just like everyone else, and the fact that they receive housing from the parish is considered income. Thus priests must pay taxes on that as well. Each priest must “impute” the worth of the housing on their income taxes. Thus, if the going rate in the area where the priest lives is 500 per month, the priest must “impute” 6K a year to their taxes as income even though they do not receive 6K a year in real cash.” Salaries are apparently similar for bishops and cardinals (according to ). They do, however, get a number of perks.

    Now, that 15 to 30 K includes health care and a pension. Sometimes when a priest is fired, he completely loses his pension. Here’s one example describing the problems these people can face: (don’t know how reliable this source is).

    Even if Dolan has no personal objections to same-sex marriage, he could face serious repercussions if he opposed church policy – in the worst case ending up homeless and getting food by dumpster diving.

  • tjr101

    Timothy Dolan is just as dangerous as Rick Santorum if not more so. He comes of as a jovial, affable and honest individual while at the same time preaching bigotry. In his recent sermons he has been incouraging his congregation to become more politically active. If a gay person such as Michael Ciaccio can come on here to defend Dolan’s views you can only imagine the responses of his straight congregants to gay rights.
    Fortunately the influence of the Catholic church is on the wane as modern society see it for the blatant hypocrisy it is.

  • JamieB

    @Michael Ciaccio: This is like saying you’re a member of two groups who both want you burned at the stake. You have to support gay rights to be a full gay. You can’t be nice about Catholics, a foreign body that most immune states would expel. If proper socialism hadn’t been fucked up by the Church we wouldn’t have all these problems.

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