Caribbean Evangelicals Not About Gay Cruisers

More homo-related trouble in the Caribbean, kids. It seems an Evangelical group from Dominica’s not so keen on gay cruises dropping anchor in their ports.

To drive the message home, the Evangelical Association’s calling to meet with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit (pictured) to discuss the matter. As Ellsworth Carter reports:

Bill Daniel, the group’s president, said Skerrit had not contacted him to schedule a meeting _ which the association had demanded.

“We want the government to ensure that gay tourists do not come to the island and conduct themselves in any immoral way,” he said, adding that he did not want Dominica portrayed “as a gay tourist destination.”

What? Would you want a bunch of rich buttfuckers pumping money into your economy? We certainly don’t.

For his part, Skerrit says he’ll release a statement on the matter after his meeting with the Evangelical Association: a meeting he has yet to schedule.