Caribbean Queens Not Welcome

Jamaica palm tree hammock

Between the recent beating of two CBS producers, the murder of local Jamaican gay rights activists, and the homophobic lyrics of dancehall music, it’s almost enough to make us think that we homos are not wanted in the Caribbean. And not only that, if we were to visit, maybe we would end up dead.

Activist Wayne Besen suggests we take our tourism and gay dollars elsewhere:

It is time for Americans to reassess their relationship with islands such as Jamaica, St. Maarten and the Bahamas. Either they welcome all of us, or none of us. But these “paradises” can no longer be playgrounds for heterosexuals and hunting grounds for homosexuals.

We will stop short of making a rallying cry to boycott the Caribbean islands, but happily tell you that our next tropical vacation will be to Puerto Rico or Hawaii. Or Florida. Or the Mediterranean. Basically anywhere except the Caribbean, because we are not that brave.

Caribbean Carnage [Wayne Besen]