Carl Paladino Is The Real Victim In The ‘Dysfunctional Gays’ Saga

Carl Paladino says he is the one who’s owed an apology, by “The Media,” for attacking him over having the words “dysfunctional homosexual” in his speech script but never actually saying them. Yeah boyyy, play that victim card!

“I think I made a very, very clear statement,” he told The Early Show this morning. “The people at the Daily News and the [New York] Post that continue this pariah attitude that they’ve got to come and chase me for every darn thing, I think they owe me an apology at some point. … This thing was highlighted only because of the words that were on a written statement that I did not speak. I crossed them out. They were unacceptable to me and that’s the only reason we are talking about it today because those words were given by someone to the press and the press, in their own pariah way, needed to write something … so that’s why this thing gets like this.”

Not giving apologies: Paladino, for his belief in marriage discrimination. Which he’s standing behind. So it’s gonna be so much fun when Paladino starts calling Cuomo an anti-Semite.

Also not giving apologies: Rabbi Yehuda Levin, the notorious Brooklyn bigot who’s credited with preparing Paladino’s script.

UPDATE: It was a trifecta for Paladino today! He was on Today and Good Morning America too!

Paladino will “actively” seek out gays to put in his administration of elected, the candidate says, because he “has no problem with it whatsoever,” so long as none of them try getting married. He just doesn’t like young people being forced into the homosexual cabal because they will be “exposed” to a lifestyle that will expose them to so much discrimination. (Also: Pray your child doesn’t turn out black!) Also, he doesn’t want kids going to gay pride parades, where men are wearing Speedos: Cuomo “took his daughters to a gay pride parade. Is that normal? Would you do it? Would you take your children to a gay pride parade? … I don’t think it is proper to go there and watch a couple of grown men grind against each other. It’s disgusting.”

Paladino says that while his own nephew says being gay isn’t a choice, he still isn’t sure about whether he chose to be straight. Meanwhile, his real problem is with those radical gay pride parades, where men are dancing around in bikinis acting all gay with each other. Children shouldn’t be exposed to that, he says. Instead, let their parents drive ’em down the freeway with billboards for heterosexual strip clubs plastered everywhere.

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    “They were unacceptable to me”

    OK douchebag, lets see some action now. Fire the person who penned those “unacceptable to you” words……………

  • UpStaircase

    I’ve read it was the Hasidic religious leader who’d actually written the speech.


    @UpStaircase: Gee what a suprise. If he can’t fire the person, lets see Palladino call out that person………Those orthodox scumbags sure have pretty short memories. It wasn’t so very long ago that their people were subjected to one of the most reprehensive campaigns of hate, destruction and death waged on one group by another in the history of mankind. All because another group did not approve of how the Jews lived their lives.

    Yet these dirty, vile, smelly scumbags at every single opportunity lash out at the Gays spewing hatred and bigotry that surely would make Hitler proud……

  • UpStaircase

    Anyone living in NYC knows they’re a bunch of inbred loons. But I doubt Palladino will call him out. Palladino wants their votes.

  • Tofer David

    This guy is nuts. Scary

  • hephaestion

    I sure hope there’s no chance of this lunatic actually winning the governorship of NY.

  • Kieran

    Three weeks before the election and Carl Palladino basically tells hundreds of thousands of gay and bisexual New Yorkers, “You’d be crazy to vote for somebody like me. I don’t like you. But Andrew Cuomo does. He even brings his daughter to your Pride parades.” Smart move Carl.

  • MickW

    Carl should just tell the gays in New York that voting for him will really piss President Obama off, I’m sure the gays will be lining up to vote for him.

  • Baxter

    It’s a sad day when Andrew Cuomo is the lesser of two evils.

  • rikard

    i’m not ok with the sexual displays at pride either. i especially resent that giving rhetorical cover to a lying sack of shit like this.

  • TruAgape

    I do agree with him on one point. The gay parades do not help our cause in the slightest. I too think they are degrading and give a poor representation of what it means to fight for equal rights.

  • peteNsfo

    I was waiting for Matt to say, “Isn’t it a little disingenuous to characterize a celebration attended by hundreds of thousands of people as ‘a couple of guys grinding together in speedos’?”

    but obviously it didn’t happen.

    There’s nothing wrong w/ a mix of crazy celebration including what others might consider risque or inappropriate- it’s a street celebration & there’s room for everyone. Check your own homophobia at the door.

    The problem is the media’s relentless pursuit of someone off-the-crazy meter to headline their coverage… whatever. Most people see right thru that. The people most troubled by our parades have probably never experienced the kind of joy, laughter, zeal & camaraderie that we bring to the world every single day.

  • Brutus

    So, what was that about we should spend all of our time voting against the Democrats?

  • Jared Alessandroni

    @peteNsfo – Exactly – why is the media so uncritical of these guys?

  • tjr101

    Can’t wait to vote down this old piece of shit. And many of these Hasidic Jews are major closet cases with even more mental issues.

  • UpStaircase

    Gay Pride Parades are embarrassments, yes, but Paladino should know what a small percentage of gays are even at them. Not one homo I’m friends with in NYC attends the pride thing. We’re regular, varied, dudes just mixed in with the rest of society.

  • corey

    Many forget that not so long ago, gays walking down main street during the day was unthinkable!

  • Peter

    Thank you Paladino for showing the world you are such a nut. Now Cuomo is a shoe-in!

  • Brutus

    @UpStaircase: “We’re regular, varied, dudes just mixed in with the rest of society.”

    What is THAT supposed to mean? Everyone else is some sort of freak who stands apart?

    I worked at NYC Pride this year. Sure, there are a few floats with dancing boys and glitter. And there are drag queens. There are also student groups, church groups, veterans’ groups, community service and support and LGBT youth groups, and so forth. It’s a parade like any other, only a little more fabulous.

  • robert in nyc

    The idiot rabbi who helped write the speech doesn’t realize that he’s inviting anti-semitism against orthodox Jews. He’s learned nothing of the holocaust and how one group of people were singled out and subjected to bullying, villification, dehumanization and eventually ended up in the death camps. He’s sending a clear message to homophobes that its ok to go out and bash or bully and discriminate against us. Nice work, Rabbi. I’ve lost all respect for you and your beliefs and the entire orthodox community for that matter. Hateful people.

  • tallskin2

    Why haven’t any of you yanks with punched in the teeth or custard pied this w*anker???

    He will continue coming out with this shit until you do, and frequently pie him

  • ewe

    I have been to many pride parades as a spectator and a marcher. Never did i grind in a pair of speedos. I think it is obvious what Palin-dinosaur is concentrating on and it is not the fault of gay people that all he sees is cock. I was marching for non profit agencies. In conclusion… He is a complete douche nozzle.

  • Paul F

    Don’t count your “sure can’t win” yet until you watch the documentary about how the republican made Diebold voting machines can be rigged with EASE. All he needs to do is put a little sneak program onto the memory card that records the vote totals and gee whiz, he wins with a landslide even though he lost his a+s in reality. Until those little cards are magneticaly wiped before use, any dipsh+t can win with a little scumbuggery. This “little” problem needs to be addressed before 2012 or Miss Quitter will be our next president. Since I can’t recall (A fequent republican mantra when under investigation) the name of the documentary at this moment, I’ll repost after this with the title after I look it up.

  • Paul F

    Back again, The documentary”s name is “Hacking Democracy” which was a HBO special first aired in 2007. It can be viewed on Hulu.com currently. Warning, if you have high blood pressure take your pills BEFORE watching this as it will be through the roof after you’ve seen how easily our freedom can be lost to scumbags. Now back to topic kinda, just wtf is wrong with speedos on a hot guy? As a nudist, Yer derned lucky I wear that much!

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