Carl Paladino Loves Race Baiting, Bestiality, Mailing Poop – But Not Sexual Predators

When New York Post editor Fred Dicker challenged New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino that Andrew Cuomo cheated on his then-wife — which is funny because Paladino himself has a daughter whom was not born to his wife — the above melee went down. I love New York politics!

Poop-aficionado Paladino, who promises to be a prick to New York’s gays and blacks, and who says Dicker is just a propaganda machine for Cuomo, explains why he became a screaming queen:

The New York Post sent a photographer to the Buffalo home where Carl Paladino’s 10-year-old daughter lives with her mother. This photographer attempted to take photos of the child through the windows and subsequently attempted to follow the girl to a playground.

We believe this conduct puts Carl Paladino’s daughter in harm’s way, susceptible to kidnapping or sexual predators. This behavior by The New York Post and their senior political editor Fred Dicker is unacceptable. Endangering the safety of a 10-year-old child is repugnant.

Carl Paladino is passionate about the need to clean up the mess in Albany. The only thing he is more passionate about is his family. Carl is deeply concerned about the privacy of his children and grandchildren. His concern is well founded: in April his corporate and campaign office was threatened with a bomb by a serial felon – this
man is being prosecuted today.

His concern might be well founded. But it’s also ripe for laughs! Here’s Rachel Maddow, stealing our theory about Michigan Asst. AG Andrew Shrivell.