Carlos Castro’s Remains Ride the 42nd Street Shuttle

The ashes of slain Portuguese journalist and activist Carlos Castro were poured down a subway grate in Times Square on Saturday, as he had requested. And while the Facebook messages between Castro and his confessed killer-slash-former lover Renato Seabra mention nothing of his will, they do show the beginnings of their relationship in October, and one note from Seabra to Castro that reads, “As I said I think about you as well … I want to be with you! A big kiss.”

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One Comment

  • NegroFino

    Hmmm well from what I read Renato was not with Carlos for months but years! He brought the boy from his homeland to be with him.. PERSONALLY I think its much much more deeper then what we see a third party BUT what i can say is that the attack was more then anger related it was a crime of passion, he cut the mans balls off and smashed in his face anyone who is a cop and or physco theropist will tell you. Weither the boy was ” gay” or “str8” he was with this man and if he was str8 he was ONLY with this man, was he the bottom in the relationship probably.. He went for the mans balls.. So something sexual rotated around that mans region to make him do that. To say the man had demons well that is something religous so again maybe the boy was str8 and the man had an attraction to him, invited him into his world and the boy was hooked something got blurry in the long run and sex was exchanged where lines should have been drawn.. I think he smashed the mans face in because he couldnt look at who he killed!

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