“Heathers: Coming Soon” Rumors and Speculations

Rumors having been flying since Delta work shared a photo on Facebook of what looks like a move poster for The Heathers. However, instead of the names of the original cast of the 1988 movie, the photo has the names of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 “Heathers”: Raja, Manila Luzon, Delta Work and Carmen Carrera. In case you haven’t seen the image yet, here it is:

Carmen Carrera, Delta Work, Manila Luzon & Raja- “Heathers- Coming Soon”

When Delta shared this photo, she added “So…THIS is happening” with no further information. Raja also shared the photo with only a hint of “Wait for it…Wait for it… #comingsoon #heather”. Carmen shared it next and said “Something lovely this way comes!”. The group’s Facebook page, The Heathers, also shared the photo, but the only hint they gave was a hashtag: “#HEATHERS”. (There seems to be no further hints on Twitter when you search for that hashtag. Manila Luzon hasn’t joined the photo sharing yet, so there’s no hints there…

We did some scouring of the Internet to find out what people believe it might be all about and we’ve come up with the following list:

  • They will produce a short film (or movie) and give their own spin to the original film.
  • They will produce a music video spoofing the movie.
  • They will go on a United States or International tour together.

We’ve also come up with our own speculation:

  • They will produce an on-stage production of the film, which will either be self-written like Jinkx Monsoon’s The Vaudevillains or will be written by San Francisco queen Peaches Christ like The Craft (which featured Sharon Needles, Alaska Thunderfuck and Honey Mahogany), Return to Grey Gardens (which featured Jinkx Monsoon) and Clueless (which featured Willam Belli).

Which of these four speculations do you want to be true?
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Delta, Carmen, Manila, Raja: The Heathers Photoshoot