going both ways

Carrie Prejean Is Your New 1st Amendment Hero. Just Don’t Use It Against Her!

Carrie Prejean wants to have the First Amendment both ways: At her ready when it’s convenient, but unavailable to those who want to criticize her.

Continuing her book-slash-vagina tape tour, Prejean popped in on the Today show today to talk about how “Americans believe that their beliefs are under attack.” Also under attack: Prejean!

She says: “Well, I think it’s important for people to understand. I think that Americans heard only bits and pieces of what really happened and I think that there is a liberal bias in the media. And it’s unfortunate that conservative women are attacked, they are attacked for their beliefs and it’s unacceptable and it shouldn’t happen. And so many Americans are frustrated, so many Americans believe that their beliefs are under attack and that they should silent and free speech doesn’t exist. Since when does free speech not exist? Since when is someone able to go on national TV and call someone the most awful names you could ever call a woman, and get away with it? … It’s been seven months since I gave that answer, and they have done nothing but attack me, and try and silence me, and keep me from spreading that message, that free speech still exists.”

So, free speech is good when Prejean wants to denounce the rights of gays, but bad when she’s criticized? You have a little cake frosting on your chin, Carrie.