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Carrie Prejean Is Your New 1st Amendment Hero. Just Don’t Use It Against Her!

Carrie Prejean wants to have the First Amendment both ways: At her ready when it’s convenient, but unavailable to those who want to criticize her.

Continuing her book-slash-vagina tape tour, Prejean popped in on the Today show today to talk about how “Americans believe that their beliefs are under attack.” Also under attack: Prejean!

She says: “Well, I think it’s important for people to understand. I think that Americans heard only bits and pieces of what really happened and I think that there is a liberal bias in the media. And it’s unfortunate that conservative women are attacked, they are attacked for their beliefs and it’s unacceptable and it shouldn’t happen. And so many Americans are frustrated, so many Americans believe that their beliefs are under attack and that they should silent and free speech doesn’t exist. Since when does free speech not exist? Since when is someone able to go on national TV and call someone the most awful names you could ever call a woman, and get away with it? … It’s been seven months since I gave that answer, and they have done nothing but attack me, and try and silence me, and keep me from spreading that message, that free speech still exists.”

So, free speech is good when Prejean wants to denounce the rights of gays, but bad when she’s criticized? You have a little cake frosting on your chin, Carrie.

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  • andy

    LOL, she tries to make an analogy between her and MICHELLE OBAMA and JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR. Give me a break! Carrie you aren’t even in the same ball park as these two women. She really needs get a grip on reality.

  • terrwill

    Little Miss Cunty Face so sorry you got caught with your fingers rammed inside of your vag……….She is probably the type who’s pussy barks……….

  • terrwill

    Or better yet: Little Miss Cunty Face aka: Carrie Prejizz

  • terrwill

    And I actually saw her tape!! She has a really small cock…….

  • YellowRanger

    Can we please stop giving this moronic twat all the free publicity?

  • andy

    Perez was right, she has the crazy eye thing going. She should find herself a new set of friends because I don’t think she’s mature enough to discern between those who are giving her good advice and those who are using her pure and simple. I fell sorry for her because one day she’s going wake up and see what a mess she’s made of her life.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    She is sitting on a nationally televised morning show, watched my millions of viewers; she does this daily not just once a year, and yet she has the nerve to say that “they” are trying to silence her? “They” are trying to take away her freedom of speech? And just who are the “they” she refers to; as if I don’t know? Stupid cow.

  • terrwill

    If ya all want a great chuckle check out her appearance on The View this morning. I DVR’d it and just watched it. Little Miss Cunty Face is talking out of so many different sides of her face that one can’t keep track. She is so damm over rehearsed and coached that she can’t keep track of what lie or misrepresentation she has already stated and tried to backtrack on….Ole Babs is zinging this bitch left and right……….Nice to see karma make an appearance and smack this lying hyprocrite right in her make believe boobs……..

  • Attmay

    They’re trying to silence her? The real problem is that this goy breeder bitch won’t shut the fuck up.

    Free speech includes the right to tell you to shut the fuck up.

    And if you didn’t get my message, Sextape McBreeder, here it is:


  • Swimmer - Chicago

    She is a FREAK! Super FREAK!

  • Liberalism is a mental disease, Die Faggots.

    Tell it like it is Carrie.

    The unhinged hate filled anti-American libs and their willing accomplices in the liberal biased media can’t TOLERATE anyone who doesn’t agree with their perverse sickening view of queers and marriage.

    The leftists are the most intolerant bigoted people around. Incapable of allowing you to have your opinions or views.

  • spar-k-ling

    @no. 10

    I’m coming to get you…and your little dog (wife) too!!!!!

  • spar-k-ling

    When we give nazis the chance to speak holocausts happen…thank god for people giving her shit…any prejudice, under certain conditins, can become extreme destruction and hate..btw apologists for her…we’re just reacting to being smacked around.

  • terrwill

    No. 10 · Liberalism is a mental disease, Die Faggots: Awww isn’t that adorable!! The internets gives a pathetic little loser of a man (?) a platform to yell at the Gays!! We hope you feel much better now that you have gotten that off of what passes for a chest!! Now that you have had your little tantrum go back down to your basement apartment, drink some cheap booze and then sneak off to the local Gay cruise area where you will get barebacked again!

  • Baby Jay from L.A.

    “They’re silencing me! Since when does free speech not exist?”

    Umm… I can’t turn on the TV, radio, or open an internet browser without hearing you whining about how you’re so oppressed, you stupid bimbo. If your right to speak is being infringed then PLEASE let me know where it is, because I haven’t heard you shut your face since you and your silicone titties managed to fuck up the first rule of winning pageants.

    And as far as this mysterious “they” that’s being so meansies to you? It’s Perez Hilton. That’s it. You can try all day to spin this into some evil Lee Harvey Oswald conspiracy, but I can’t flip through three channels without seeing you flapping your mouth about how “silenced” you are. You poor, *poor* dear little lamb. I saw that girl in Iran take a bullet to the throat and all I could think about was how she was lucky that she wasn’t being oppressed like you. Keep fighting the good fight, you champion of freedom.

  • sal(the original)

    awww girl who judged gays and by that judgment she thought we were inferior now she’s being judged for her un christian ways….lay in the bed you made carrie

  • san

    it’s kind of hard to “try” to attack and humiliate her when she does it really well all by herself.

  • Attmay

    The First Amendment clearly states, to wit:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The United States Congress doesn’t care if you live or die, Sextape McBreeder. Until they do, you need to:





  • Ray

    Thanks for all the post..the disgusting language and intolerence show her have made me side with her…….Kinda hits home when somebody doesn’t agree we your agenda,doesn’t it?


  • amazingpenis

    Best part of the interview is when Carrie says @ 6:30: “He just came out there and meeted us”.

  • OldGuy

    From all the posts I’ve read, there appears to be four distinct groups that are attacking Carrie.

    There are the gays – this appears to be the minority. Of course they use the word homophobe quite liberally and have an excellent vocabulary of vulgarity.

    These are the other three that have climbed on the band wagon:

    There are the left-wing wacko radicals – They usually mention Palin or FOX and attack anything else that is conservative.

    The hateful atheists – they attack religion in general.

    The juveniles – They get-off seeing their foul comments on the internet. It’s they only sexual excitement they get.

    Then of course there are combinations. Can you imagine a gay juvenile working for a liberal blog like TMZ or Huffington Post…. geees.

  • rudy

    I wonder if she’s related to Michael Lucas.

  • Mark

    No 11: are you mirroring? It seems that I have seen plenty of hate filled right leaning people on the air waves as well – signs depicting President Obama as Hitler and a myriad of other war criminals. Hate is a two way street. Do I hate Carrie? No, but I do feel sorry for her. Hate is an ugly word and frankly, the moniker you’ve given yourself shows me you have a lot of pent up hate inside yourself and this is the vehicle you have chosen to vent. Ms Prejean needs to do some deep introspection and see where she might become a better person as a result of this episode and perhaps not be so judgmental of others and frankly, stop whining. It appears she has plenty of venues to say what she wishes to say and no one is shutting her up as you both seem to claim. Free speech works both ways.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Mouth open, ears closed, and a very damaged ego that will not let this rest. She’s being used, again. Carrie Prejudg should admit fault, go back to school to earn a degree or two or three, and then get a real job out of the public eye. Talk less, read more.

    “To you everything that’s happening in the world appears phony, to be something other than what it really is, right?” —-J.D. Salinger

  • John

    “He meeted us”? Or is that: “He meated us”? Either way, I don’t understand. These kids today and their language…

  • Rowen

    Tell ya what. She can talk all she wants about being silenced and attacked, but until she can give me proof that she’s REALLY being attacked, and in a manner to the way many homosexuals get BEATEN and KILLED on a daily basis in America, I have the right to think she’s an uneducated, selfish twat.

  • Cam

    No. 21 · OldGuy said…
    From all the posts I’ve read, there appears to be four distinct groups that are attacking Carrie.

    You forgot the fifth group, people who get irritated with hypocrites that attack others and then cry “Victim” when they are painted with the same brush. Carrie wants to use religion as the defense of her opinions? Fine, I’ll play that game with her. She signed a contract with the Miss Ca. pagent that said there were not any nude pictures, videos etc… flaoting around out there that could embarrass the pagent. If you look, one of the commandments deals with bearing false witness. So not only did she send out what could be classed under the law as kiddie porn if she was truly underaged. She lied about it in a legal document, also breaking one of the ten commandments. So she is a hypocrite and there is nothing wrong with pointing out somebody’s hypocricy when it conflicts with the bludgeon they are using to attack others.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I wonder how outraged she would be if a group of Americans voted away her right to marry the person she loved.

  • sal(the original)

    old guy drink ya metamucil and go to bed…grandma misses ya in heaven, maybe ya can…..

  • OldGuy

    Thanks, I’ll sleep well knowing the future of the country is in your hands.

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