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Carrie Prejean Keeps Miss California Crown, Loses Remaining Credibility

Miss USA

Donald Trump just delivered the answer to this question at a press conference in New York: Yes, Carrie Prejean will keep her Miss California title. Miss USA’s egomaniac-in-chief, Trump swatted away the naked photo controversy with “this is the 21st century” excuses, which only makes us wonder: How screwed does Vanessa Williams feel?

But now we’re left with Prejean, who may not believe in civil rights, having lied to our faces about the nude photos. (Remember when she said there was just the one?) And if being anti-gay and a temptress weren’t enough to strip her of a crown, certainly trafficking in lies isn’t going to push Trump over the edge.

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  • California John

    Boo! Donald, you suck! Liars, hypocrites, bigots, and rule breakers don’t represent California!

  • stevenelliot

    Donald Trump just slapped the faces of every gay man (and some lesbians) who work in the pageant industry. And trust me, I know, there a 1000’s of gay men working in that business.

    Trump obviously cares more for the contestant than he does for the busy little workers who make her look so good.

  • California John

    If this really is the”21st century,” Donald, then why are you allowing bigoted comments that sound like they come from the 16th century???

  • InExile

    Did you hear Donald Trump say Miss Prejean shares the same views as the President in gay marriage? BO just keeps on helping us!

  • schlukitz


    The gift that keeps on giving. ;-P

  • [email protected]

    Ok, if we stop talking about her now, maybe she will just fade away?

    I have no problem with the nudes — except that she was 17. Creepy. But that onus is on the photographer. I thought Vanessa Williams was wronged and it would be hypocritical for me to have a different standard. The homophobia was more of a concern for me. But the reaction to it at least suggests that we may have reached a point where overt expressions of homophobia are no longer publicly acceptable.

    But let’s not help her career as the poster girl for religious bigotry. Ignore her! Help her fade into obscurity by not talking about her anymore!

  • BSTL

    I really can’t stand this skank. And if you watched the news conference, she really sucks at public speaking. I can’t wait for her 15min to be up! SKANK!

  • [email protected]

    @InExile: Except that it’s not true. Obama supports Civil Unions and opposed Prop 8. Prejean supported Prop 8 and dodged the question regarding whether she supported Civil Unions or other LGBT issues.

  • andy


  • Joanaroo

    Prejean didn’t lose her crown because she’s white and Trump wants to f**k her!

  • Jeff

    Well considering only Gay Men and Midwest housewives actually watch the pagent crap there goes half thier audience.

  • Qjersey

    She’s a total ass. If she believed in “respect and diversity” she would co-opt the Obama line of “civil unions.”

    And I loved how Trump trashed Perez and then said he’d have him back as a judge…now that’s a WTF

  • Captain Freedom

    Did you see Donald on TV today? He looked like one of the actors in a Viagra commercial.

    My only question for Donald…. did she swallow?

  • Dabq

    This comes as a shock to whom? Trump never let it enter his mind that this vapid, silicone injected, so called beauty had did anything wrong in his second tier ‘beauty event.’ He is just as vile as she is with that orange tan of his and bad comb over, its all about him and keeping his name in the public forum and not the hurt this hatemonger bottle blond spewed.

    That all said, she does speak for millions, whether we like it or not.

  • Zack

    California has become a sad place. What was once the progressive jewel of our nation is now (officially… legally speaking) less progressive than backwater Iowa, and “the South of the North” Maine.

  • stevenelliot

    I majored in apparel design and after college worked for an evening wear designer who clothed hundreds of these vapid women for these pageants. If the gay men in the pageant biz boycotted the next round of Miss USA, it would crumble. Miss USA would not be able to operate.

    BUT, do you think that the gay men in the business will boycott?? No. Just like Donald T. They are more worried about making money than their principles. Just look at Perez. He’ll be back next year…..

  • Nickadoo

    …and the alternative? Strip away her tiara and give her the privilege of six more months of “Little Miss Victim” press coverage. No thanks.

  • Lance Rockland

    Carrie Prejean is a bimbo.

    “Oh poor me I’m such a victim”!

    What about the hundreds of thousands of same-sex couples who are treated as second-class citizens?!

    What about our rights?

  • Synnerman

    So now we know that Trump’s litmus test is somewhere between full vadge and bukkakae (and only if he isn’t the one doing the bukkake).

  • atdleft

    @Qjersey: Trump’s an attention whore, plain and simple. That’s why he let Miss Carrie keep her crown. That’s why he got into that ridiculous protracted feud with Rosie O’Donnell. That’s why he shoves himself into any teevee show he can. “The Donald” likes the attention, and that’s why I stopped paying attention to him long ago.

  • atdleft

    @Jeff: Yeah, don’t watch it. Don’t watch “The Apprentice” shows either. Don’t give “The Donald” our attention or $$$$!

  • afrolito

    So glad Donald did the right thing, and let her keep her crown.

  • ceazer

    I’m glad she kept her crown. Perez Hilton is the twink behind all this stupidity. Thanks to him, no one takes gay men seriously. People can respect lesbians but not gay men. See, Ellen has a show, Rachel Madow has a show, Wanda is invited to tell jokes at high profile events. Gay men? Just spend all day criticizing some california girl who believes what most californians do. I mean prop 8, Hallo? Perez Hilton= BAD ATTITUDE ,BAD LOOKS.

  • petted

    Well Trump is always on the lookout for his next wife…

  • stevenelliot

    @ceazer: “It’s a depressingly masculine world, Dolores”

  • gray hunt

    The Donald did the right thing; he and Obama agree with Carrie so whats the problem ? As for above question about rights of same sex couples…you have no rights under law, dont forget any state that has held an election on gay marrage has voted NO. Only courts & leftie judges have said yes against the will of the people. I remind everyone King Obama is not down with the gay thing…and wont be because he wants to be re-elected.

  • Kurt

    Okay, she is wrong about gay marriage. But does that mean she doesn’t have something important to say on other policy issues like the Stimulus or Cap & Trade? Give the girl a chance.

  • Ummmm gray hunt

    What exactly are you doing trolling on a GAY site to defend Fundamentalist Barbie?? Or are you posting just to make an excuse to your wife for why you’re checking out gay websites????? Hmmmmmmm?

  • roger

    wow. looks like perez, former miss usa/current white trash shana moakler, and the miss california director overplayed their hand!

    good for donald trump. he’s on a roll this week! first joan rivers, and now this!

    the wrong shall fail, the right prevail…

  • Marc

    Please ENOUGH of this byatch!

  • Dabq

    @gray hunt: What does Obama have to do with a petty, hateful “beauty” queen? And, as for him being reelected, does anyone really think if he started running down the street a flag demanding gay rights he would be reelected?

    That’s the problem, those who believed him for every word he said, and, those who are still mad that HRC didn’t get the nod really need a clue, he’s a politician, and that comes first as do the pressing issue of the economy and two wars that are being lost.

  • atdleft

    @Ummmm gray hunt: They’re the NOMbie trolls. I just wonder if Miss Maggie G is paying them to spew this garbage here.

  • InExile

    @[email protected]: I remember the Yes on Prop 8 people using Obama’s image to promote their cause while Obama remained silent letting them us his words. If he had taken a strong stand then Prop 8 might not have passed!

  • Patrick

    The right won!. The far left and homosexuals lost.Now put a lid on it would you. You guys are just mad because even a far left president like Hussein Obama also thinks you are perverts. Deal with it

  • michael

    Let her keep her crown, she is representative of California, the state proved its bigotry with Prop. 8 and shouldn’t it be represented by something that is indicative of what it stands for? A silicone injected, homophobic bimbo who does not have the brains God gave a piss ant and goes to a Christian Reich church?

  • Attmay

    When Dorothy Zbornak called Merv Griffin “the anti-Trump,” it was a compliment. Now more than ever I can see why.

  • Lance Rockland

    @Patrick: Screw you, bitch.

  • Jim

    Be Greatful – Trump just saved all gays from having to stay at his hideous hotels or drink the swill he produces. I hope his combover has kidnely failure.

  • Tweet_Myself

    REWIND BACK to the feud with ROSIE when she called him out on his Hypocrisy with the Alcoholic Miss USA?

  • andy

    The other side says “gay marriage” is an Oxymoron, lol, well, what about Christian Colleges? That is the biggest Contradiction and oxymoronic idea I’ve ever heard. I grew up in Southern California where every city has it’s christian college and christian high schools….. what’s a sane person to do? I moved to nyc.

  • andy

    Oh, yeah there’s a video circulating of her brother, (a real loser) defending her, and talking about she was raised “right” lol. He’s covered in tattoo’s and really shows little intelligence or signs of a college education, a real representative of the worst of california. THis is all very embarrassing and underlines the banality of evil people.

  • Joanaroo

    What the hell are all these redneck homophobes spewing all their hate on here for? Don’t they have a KKK, NRA, or church meeting to go to?

  • TANK


    A hannah arendt reference. Hats off.

  • Joanaroo

    Andy, what about the guy threatened by a christian high school for going to his girlfriends prom and DANCING! OH NO! I’m sure the church preaches be fruitful and multiply (after marriage of course), and make a bunch of little christers. So sex to procreate is fine-but not dancing? WTF?

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I just want to say that Carrie is ABSOLUTELY LYING about her tits being exposed. She claims they were PHOTOSHOPPED. I say BULLSHIT. I’ve been to 20 photo shoots and you were perfectly posed for those images with your shirt open.

    Karma is a BITCH and it’s going to SLAP up upside the head when you least expect it.


  • dgz

    Lordy, queerty, give it a rest! 90% of us really don’t care. why the picking, bullying of this non-entity? there are bigger fish.

  • Jamie

    Prejean is the single most irritating public figure in America right now. Quite an achievement, considering the competition.

  • kls

    This is a free country. She has her own opinion.

  • Alex

    @Jeff: exactly! why the fuck do we help out these heteronormative asses?

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