Carrie Prejean Sues Miss California Because She Is the Ultimate Discrimination Victim

APTOPIX Miss California

Supposedly it’s because Miss California USA, in firing Carrie Prejean, discriminated against the pretty bigot’s religious beliefs. So says the complaint Prejean filed in California Superior Court, which names officials Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler, and publicist Roger Neal as the evildoers, and also includes charges of libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress. But it’s Prejean’s biggest charge — discrimination — that’s also the most laughable.

Because Prejean wasn’t fired for her religious (read: homophobic) beliefs.

In fact, Donald Trump make a big to-do about how he wasn’t going to fire her for her stance on same-sex marriage, even holding a press conference announcing how he would be standing by her. It was only when Prejean started violating her contract, by doing things like not showing up places she needed to be, that she had her Miss California crown revoked.

For what it’s worth, Prejean says she’ll prove she wasn’t fired for breech of contract.

But oh, what a world we live in where a woman can claim discrimination because of her beliefs in … discrimination.