Carrie Prejean Sues Miss California Because She Is the Ultimate Discrimination Victim

APTOPIX Miss California

Supposedly it’s because Miss California USA, in firing Carrie Prejean, discriminated against the pretty bigot’s religious beliefs. So says the complaint Prejean filed in California Superior Court, which names officials Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler, and publicist Roger Neal as the evildoers, and also includes charges of libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress. But it’s Prejean’s biggest charge — discrimination — that’s also the most laughable.

Because Prejean wasn’t fired for her religious (read: homophobic) beliefs.

In fact, Donald Trump make a big to-do about how he wasn’t going to fire her for her stance on same-sex marriage, even holding a press conference announcing how he would be standing by her. It was only when Prejean started violating her contract, by doing things like not showing up places she needed to be, that she had her Miss California crown revoked.

For what it’s worth, Prejean says she’ll prove she wasn’t fired for breech of contract.

But oh, what a world we live in where a woman can claim discrimination because of her beliefs in … discrimination.

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  • Alexander

    This bitch is CRAZY!

  • Rick

    Can you sue for not being the Prettiest Girl?

    In that case, I need to sue a whole bunch of fuckers.

  • Chuck

    oh just marry some loser jock, move to the suburbs, and become a fat shut-in already

  • Cam

    According to her, if I interview a Klansman for a job, and don’t hire him because he says that blacks, jews, gays, etc… shouldn’t be allowed to work in this company, then he should sue me for discrimination??

    I have news for Miss Prejan, you can SAY whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t consequences for your bigotry. The Miss CA. pagent was under no obligation to agree with your bigotry, and companies like Cover Girl, and Pepsi are under no obligation to hire you as a spokesperson. Freedom of Speech doesn’t guarentee you a spokesmodel gig. You gave your opinion, now live with the consequences of everybody knowing you are a bigot.

  • Flex

    Dear Carrie P, fuck of you bible thumping lunatic. Stick your disgusting, god damned bible up your flat ass.

    We’re going to resume our practice of marriage equality, in less than one year, in California. The case is Perry vs. Schwarzenegger you bitch!

  • Alexa

    The pathetic bitch wasn’t even fired for her views, she was fired for not doing her job, and for breaking her contract.

  • Landon Bryce

    At least Monica Hesse now has a guaranteed job ghosting “OPPOSITE MARRIAGE: The Carrie Prejean Story.”

  • Brian Miller

    Carrie, dear, your 15 minutes were up six months ago.

  • me

    Just trying to get her name back in the headlines. She’s a media whore.

  • sal(the original)

    is she basically sayin we can all sue her for her hate??each and everyyyyyy one of us,millionsssss of us all sue her lol!!!!

  • sis

    actually she’s right, but you gays just won’t notice that you’re sexist.
    nothing in her statement was homophobe – you gays don’t know what homophobia is.
    and yes i’m pissed because none of you understands what he’s doing.
    btw: she’s suing because she claims she could prove that she didn’t break her contract. so one of the parties is lying – and there’s a good chance that it’s not prejan.
    grow up so i can respect your “community” again. for now you’re acting like KKK members very narrow-minded.

  • Landon Bryce

    @sis wrote:

    “Nothing is her statement was homophobe- you gays don’t know what homophobe is.”

    This is Prejean’s statement:

    “Well, I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. And you know what, in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anyone out there, but that’s how I was raised, and that’s how I think it should be between a man and a woman.”

    Well, sis, the homophobe part of that is that gay people do not have the right to choose marriage in most parts of the country. The opinion expressed would be inoffensive if she understood what she was talking about. Many people have tended to misquote her in order to allow to her to sound coherent. This matters because, ever after stepping into the role of anti-gay spokeswoman, Prejean made statements that made it obvious she had never seriously thought through gay adoption or learned what the laws actually were before expressing an opinion.

    Can you understand that if you are going to go on TV and say I’m worse than you and that you deserve special rights I shouldn’t have, you should at least give the impression of having seriously considered the possibility that you might be wrong? Or that, in the absence of doing that, you might in fact be a bad person?

    Now, go back to telling women how they don’t understand sexism.

  • Tommy


    and your straightish self won’t notice that you have nothing to do on this website…

  • FlopsyMopsyCT

    Actually, I don’t think Prejean’s suit is all that ridiculous or frivolous. From what I know of employment law and emp. discrimination, she just needs to convince the judge that she was fired for improper reasons, i.e. for religious beliefs. No doubt it’s difficult to prove discrimination, and the fact that she’s got some bad history as a employee is certainly not in her favor. However, if she could offer up some evidence that could make someone believe she was fired for asserting her religious beliefs behind marriage instead of breach of contract, it could potentially work. For sure, these types of discrimination cases are always difficult for plaintiffs to win, but who knows what her team of lawyers is going to present.

  • FlopsyMopsyCT

    Here’s a better (in my opinion), more thorough article regarding the law suit from Catholic Online if anyone is interested. It is also pretty unbiased for Catholic Online. Gives a little more on what the strategy of the Prejean counsel.

    N.B. this is an uber conservative Catholic site that tends to attract people with a more devout affiliation. Thus, for those people who may find those kinds of views from those people offensive, you may not want to read the comments. It is very interesting though.

  • petted

    @sis: You’d be marginally more credible if a majority of middle schoolers didn’t have better grammar then you.

  • Brian Miller

    she just needs to convince the judge that she was fired for improper reasons, i.e. for religious beliefs

    Actually, that’s not true at all.

    One cannot be fired because of his religious beliefs, but one CAN be fired for using them as a pretext to be an ass on the job. HP fired a homophobic bigot who refused to participate in diversity days and who posted Bible verses on his cube about how gays are abonimable, etc.

    He sued claiming “religious discrimination” and the court found that he had a right to his beliefs, but did not have a right to expect HP to allow him to damage their business internally and externally by using their business as a podium to impose them on colleagues and clients.

    That precedent means that Ms. Prejean would have no case at all, even if Trump *had* fired her on the spot for her political views in favor of bigotry.

    Mix in the fact that she missed numerous appearances that she was expected to make as part of the employment agreement she signed, and the fact that she likely violated another part of her employment agreement that forbade her from using her crown as a podium for political activism, and her case is deader than Ted Kennedy.

    Hopefully, the Trump organization pursues her to get a (hopefully quite high) legal bill paid when the frivolous suit is dismissed or stricken.

  • Cam

    @sis: You said “actually she’s right, but you gays just won’t notice that you’re sexist.
    nothing in her statement was homophobe – you gays don’t know what homophobia is.”

    Sorry Sis, but if somebody says that blacks shouldn’t be allowed to get married because “Thats the way I was brought up” it’s racist. If somebody says “women shouldn’t be allowed to vote because thats the way I was brought up” that is sexist. If somebody says “Gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry because thats the way I was brought up, that is homophobic”

    But I see that you are one of those right wing nuts who tries to use the lefts own labels against them. You think that calling gays sexist for their problems with Carrie Prejan will send us all scurying away? Well sorry Einstein, but pointing out somebody’s bigotry isn’t sexist just because they are a woman….nice try though.

  • Cam

    @FlopsyMopsyCT: You said “Actually, I don’t think Prejean’s suit is all that ridiculous or frivolous. From what I know of employment law and emp. discrimination, she just needs to convince the judge that she was fired for improper reasons, i.e. for religious beliefs. ”

    She has the right to believe what she wants, she doesn’t have the right to alter her job by skipping events etc… supposedly to fit with her beliefs. From what I read she was skipping pre-planned pagent set up events to go speak at anti-gay marriage rallies. If that is the situation then she has no case, those events were set up and she agreed to participate then just didn’t show up. You can’t just not show up for work for three weeks with no notice then try to claim religeous discrimination when they fire you.

    Additionally, you cannot use religeon as an sheild from termination if it conflicts with the law of the land. i.e. if your religeous beliefs tell you that women shouldn’t work outside the home, you cannot refuse to come to work because there is a woman in the office next to you. Employment law always trumps religeon in those types of cases.

  • FlopsyMopsyCT

    @Brian Miller: That’s interesting, I never heard of that HP case. I will look it up when I get a chance. What year was it?

    However, I think a distinction can be made between posting unnecessary, harassing comments in the work place and the beauty queen who is asked a question and answers it honestly on public television. I never really followed her after the new about her response to Hilton, but I’ve never really heard her say anything uber-controversial that I would consider in poor taste and offensive to gays. But again, I don’t really read news about her, so maybe she has said some mean things.

    I didn’t realize she had a clause in her contract saying she couldn’t use her crown in politics. That would most definitely be a breach if that’s true.

  • Alexa

    @sis: “actually she’s right, but you gays just won’t notice that you’re sexist.”

    I’m a sexist lesbian? Um OK. Beauty pageants are inherently sexist, judging women on how beautiful and sexy they are (and don’t give me crap about scholarships or the interview portion or whatever, until none of the pageants have the swimsuit portion and an unattractive, intelligent, older woman wins, they will be sexist, period).

  • Cam

    @Alexa: LOL!!! Nice!

  • Brian Miller

    I’ve never really heard her say anything uber-controversial that I would consider in poor taste

    Most of what she said once she joined NOM was in poor taste. If she’d stopped with her initial comment, she’d probably still be in a job… but she decided to go hog-wild and go hang out with NOM instead of doing her job. She got fired and now she’s angry about it. Oh well!

    The HP case is a 2004 case, Peterson v. Hewlett-Packard.

  • Mark

    Damn!! Let it go, girl. Get a life!

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