Carrie Prejean Turns to Tara Reid’s Sloppy Seconds to Protect Sanctity of Dating Before Marriage


We never had plans to cover litigator Carrie Prejean’s love life, but we made an exception that one time with Michael Phelps, and now it’s just good fun! The ousted beauty queen exercises the First Amendment in this week’s Star, revealing she’s shacking up with St. Louis Rams quarterback Kyle Boller.

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Like Mr. Phelps, Boller is known for abusing substances and getting photographed afterward. That’s him. In the hat. Completely … sober.

Also like Mr. Phelps, Boller is an advocate of pre-marital sex! He is, after all, the ex-girlfriend of Tara Reid. Way to score on men with standards, Ms. Prejean.

(Scans via Boy Culture)