Carrie Prejean Will Get to Keep Her Breasts (Thanks to Her Own Sex Tape)

Carrie Prejean and Miss California USA (and pageant organizer Keith Lewis of K2Productions) have dropped their lawsuits against each other and reached a settlement deal. How come? Because Ms. Prejean was shown a copy of her own “extremely graphic” sex tape. She’ll get $0 in the settlement, says TMZ.

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  • terrwill

    OMG!!! Little Miss Rightwing Cunt has a “extremley graphic sex tapt” What a suprise!!

    On the Real World/Road Rules Challange new season a bitch with fake boobs dives into the ocean face first and one of her fake boobs bursts!! I wish this rightwing-nutbag cunt would suffeer double the trauma…………

  • Bruno

    Not that I care that much, and she’s a total asshole, but isn’t blackmail illegal?

  • FakeName

    Can we not just ignore this cunt-waffle? She’s a second-tier pageant whore whose 15 minutes expired months ago. Can we not come to a collective decision that she’s not worth the electrons it takes to report on her?

  • Cam

    My My My My, little miss morality seems to be having sex outside Marriage in addition to posing topless and whoring out her body for money in a pagent. I just LOVE it when people try to tell the world how to live and then it turns out that they don’t even abide by their own rules.

    Hey, Carrie, welcome to the next stage in your career….15 years from now being the answer to a question on Hollywood squares about pagent scandals.

  • Wonka

    Bruno not if you dont ask for something ,,as long as you just present it, as evidence to the client

  • DoonMan

    I support her gay marriage stance. I don’t support her desire for fake boobs – real ones are better. I support her religious choices. I support her outspoken behavior. I support her incredible beauty. I support her choice to now remain silent. I support TMZ if they leak the video. I support Pirate Bay if they host the video. And I support Uverse for the abundant bandwidth to download said video in less than 30 seconds.

  • Joey

    And I support DoonMan’s choice to never leave another comment on this website again.

    Hurray! Everyone wins!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    My partner is getting over a chest cold and when I showed her the noun in the first sentence of post#3, it made her laugh so hard that her lungs rattled. She’s watching to Sir with love on youTube and I’m getting vocabulary lessons from Queerty. Is this the queer, aberrant behavior that has society throwing their arms up?

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