Carson Daly Doesn’t Think Gay People Could’ve Stopped That Whackjob Pilot

That hallmark of butch masculinity, Carson Daly, must have had a brain fart on his radio show on 97.1 AMP today. Talking about jetBlue pilot Clayton Osbon, who had a midair meltdown that forced his co-pilot to lock him out of the cockpit and passengers to restrain him, Daly said he was glad it was a bunch of “well-trained dudes” on board and not some limp-wristed pansies.


“Most of the people [on board] were on their way to some sort of security conference in Las Vegas. It was, like, a bunch of dudes and well-trained dudes, thank God. With my luck, it would be like, this is the flight going to [gay Pride]  in San Francisco… I mean, that would be my colleagues.”

Then, switching to a slow-leak lisp, Daly added, “Uh, we’re headed down to Vegas for the floral convention.”

We never thought Daly was Charlie Rose, or even Howard Stern, but he seems pretty ignorant of two major points:

* Mark Bingham, an openly gay man and a kick-ass rugby player, was among those who sacrificed their lives to tackle terrorists aboard United flight 93 on September 11, 2001.

* There’s plenty of rumors about Daly’s own sexuality. The guy dated Tara Reid, for Christ sake.

Later this afternoon, Daly offered an apology via Twitter: “This morning on my radio show I attempted to make fun of myself and offended others by mistake. I sincerely apologize.”

Oh, well, since you went to all the trouble to tweet your mea culpa, we know it’s from the heart.

Source: TMZ

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  • HM

    Two words, Carson: Mark Bingham.

    You may hang your head in shame now…..

  • Aric

    All the gay men I know could snap Carson in half. He should really stop watching Bravo.

  • Ok, ok

    Not really sensing any anger in the comments so far.

  • Aric

    Just listened to the actual thing… Who the hell is this woman in the background running her mouth?

    I don’t even have the energy for this. I’m done.

  • Jon

    It was a joke. Get over it. It actually sounds like he outs himself anyway…flying to Gay Pride with his colleagues.

  • Ok, ok

    @Jon: It was a joke? He essentially called us the f word, by using the definition. He said we’re all weak, feminine, and incapable of defending ourselves…and you find that amusing?

    Where’s the joke? His obvious gay face and the fact that he’s been dodging gay rumors since he first appeared on MTV?

    Still not laughing.

  • Drifter

    Wait. Carson Daly is a dude?

  • DouggSeven

    Who knew Carson Daily was still working? That’s the bigger story.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    A plane of gay guys flying to Vegas? No need to improvise with belts, there’d be plenty of rope, handcuffs and restraints in the carry-ons…and knowledgeable guys to use ’em.

    Mr. Cookoo-pilot would be trussed up Folsom Fair-fashion in seconds.

  • mk_ultra_again

    F*** you Daly.
    That says it all.

  • averageguy40

    Have we totally forgotten how to laugh at ourselves? Lighten up. I would have probably said something very similar.

  • Kyle412

    Carson didn’t have problems with gays in the 90s when he worked at MTV making good money but living with a guy named Jason who worked in production at MTV. It was known that he and Jason were a couple, but he looked down on the guys who were out at work.

  • Ok, ok

    @averageguy40: Laugh at ourselves implies Carson Daly is openly gay which he is not. He was laughing at weak little faggots who are easily shut down because they’re women in frail men’s bodies, walking, talking, stereotypes. What’s funny?

  • Ok, ok

    @averageguy40: Laugh at ourselves implies Carson Daly is openly gay which he is not. He was laughing at weak little fa ggots who are easily shut down because they’re women in frail men’s bodies, walking, talking, stereotypes. What’s funny?

  • B

    No. 13 · Ok, ok wrote, “@averageguy40: Laugh at ourselves implies Carson Daly is openly gay which he is not.” When he said, “make fun of myself,” he outed himself even if that is not what he intended to do or meant.

  • averageguy40

    To Ok,ok. “Laugh at ourselves” in no way implies Carson is gay. Where did you come up with that. Don’t read stuff in that isn’t there. It is ok to laugh. There is no victim here. The guy was just being funny.

  • JAW


    Perhaps the spin we put on it is that Carson Daly FINALLY comes OUT!!

    This was no joke… it wasn’t like he just said a gay on board… no he suggested that we are all wimps… we all swish… he went on and on…

    hell… another post is pissed that in the heat of a soccer game one player said one bad word and we want him hung out to dry… This was said by someone that we considered a friend (if not one of us)

    OUT THE little SOB

  • Ok, ok

    @averageguy40: Why is it ok for some tool to make bigoted remarks about us and why are we supposed to laugh?

    Did you also think it was funny when that soccer player called the ball boy a fa ggot? Did you think it was funny when Isaiah Washington called his co-star a fa ggot?

    Why is Carson Daly implying we are just a bunch of useless fa ggots funny?

  • Steven

    Carson, tell that to my linebacker boyfriend. I’m sure he would prove you wrong.

  • Callum

    Carson dumped his rather out b friend and went back into the closet when he was hired by the network and moved to Los Angeles. When at MTV and in New York City he was rather OUT.

  • Spike

    Thanks for showing us your true colors, Carson.

    Wasn’t watching that lame Voice show before, not going to watch it now.

  • averageguy40

    Again Ok,ok…where is the victim here? Do I think it’s funny if someone viciously calls a specific person a faggot? Of course not. But he didn’t refer to anyone as a faggot and by all appearances he was just kidding. Again you read to much into what he said.

  • Bailey

    Daly is a dick!

  • Heh

    Who is Carson Daly?

  • Hephaestion

    Remind me to punch that little twit Carson Daly out the next time I see him.

    I hate having to add another motherfucker to my “You are dead to me now” list, but I just added Daly to it.

  • B

    Meanwhile, in a fit of governmental stupidity and overeaction, according to “Federal authorities have charged a JetBlue Airways captain who sprinted down the cabin of a flight screaming about a bomb with interfering with a flight crew.”

    The problem I have with this statement is that the captain is in fact the head of the flight crew and a member of it. The charge is idiotic. If he committed a crime (there may be a medical explanation for his behavior), it was a different one.

  • JayKay

    For his crimes against political correctness and for his hateful slander of the TQIAA2PNLBG community, this court hereby orders he be hanged by the neck until dead.

  • Ok, ok

    @JayKay: Pansy.

  • timncguy

    How many more celebrities and sports figures have to be called out for these kinds of bigoted homophobic comments before they finally figure out they need to knock it off? The comments about gays need to go the same way as the comments about race. How hard can it be to just STOP? These people know enough not to make racial comments. Why can’t they learn?

  • MJ

    who the fuck Carson Daly anyway?

  • chloe87

    Ha. Now he gets his own CarsonDalyIsABully Facebook page just so people can post stories and let him know what a douche he is. Hopefully enough people comment and NBC gets the message.

  • shannon


  • JayKay

    @Ok, ok:

    I’m sorry, was that an anti-TQIAA2PSPCPTLDRNLBG slur? Simply appalling behavior in 2012. How dare you, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Jacob

    @JayKay: Why do you (a conservative) read the articles on this (fairly liberal) site. Surely there must be a better news outlet that you can read and voice your opinions on, because most people here see you as a joke. Just my polite way of saying ‘fuck off, no one cares’.

  • Ok, ok

    @Jacob: Because he envies us and wants to pretend to be out online since he can’t be out and get laid in real life.

  • puhleaze

    sounds about right. The majority of gay men are effeminate to some degree. Science has shown us that the gay male brain is closer in similarity to the female brain than male straight brain. Also gay men get that way in the uterus when they are subjected to a more girl-making hormonal environment than straight foetuses. No doubt some women would have tackled the guy, just as no doubt some gay men would have done so too. The majority in either group would not have though. The brave, masculine gay man is a trope!

    Its an unpopular fact but it is fact.

  • declanto

    @puhleaze: Just a teeny little historical reminder, remember Stonewall? Anybody? I have personally witnessed a barfull of bitchy queens rip the living sh*t out of Bashers and Phobes, not once, but MANY times. When push comes to shove, we’re all capable of getting it on.

  • puhleaze

    @declanto: Lesbians had been upfront and marching waaaaaaay before stonewall. Hell take a look at the suffragette leadership. Now those were warriors! Its not a character failing Declanto, its biological makeup. Gay male strengths lie elsewhere, theres nothing wrong with the arts for instance. There are some exceptions but they are few and far between. Carson is un PC but quite right.

  • SearchCz

    Don’t forget Daniel Hernandez.

  • Jakey

    Well, at least he apologized for offending people, which he did, instead of saying “IF I offended anyone I’m sorry.” I hate when people say that, it’s so weaselly.

  • Brand

    This is the problem with the world today. We’re all too happy to insult the other guy when the fact is that we’re displaying our own shortcomings in the process. Daly mocks a hypothetical plane full of stereotypes, with the “Oh, NO. Han-dle it” stuff, without getting the subconscious implication that HE is the fey, jaded troll he’s lampooning—he’s the guy who wants to stay put in a crisis and leave it to others to take it upon themselves to be the heroes. Without saying it overtly enough to make it the self-deprecating joke he claims he was making (shunting it off onto “my colleagues”), he’s admitting he wouldn’t stand out as the strong and capable one on a plane full of his idea of pansy gay florists.

  • Frederick

    @ puhleaze-What planet are you living on? I personally know several brave and heroic type gay men, who would’ve put themselves at risk in this situation, so please don’t stereotype ALL of us.

  • sam

    In an event like this on the airplane.
    There are a small portion of the public that will stand up and do something.
    The most of the people will shy away and do nothing.
    It depends on how your brain is wired, most people run away from trouble.
    You know who you are.
    I think the ones that run are the smart ones and the one that stands up is the crazy one.

    I solute the guys that did not shy away, they deserve a lot of credit.
    I am gay, but I am wired to stand up and do something.
    Many times in my life, I have stood up when no others did anything.
    When you are wired to stand up you have no fear at that moment.
    But, after it is over and come to the realization of the odds and danger you faced.
    You may need a strong drink and you may tell yourself to not do that again.

  • Stupid

    Carson who?

  • Marie Cohn

    He was better when he was fatter.

  • FunMe

    Speaking of Howard Stern, I hope he covers this in his shows and shows Carson that HATE is never acceptable, even as a “joke”.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Whether you think it was funny or not is missing the point. This jackass is just one of hundreds of disc jockeys, late night tv “hosts”, pop culture icons and other big mouths making homophobic “jokes” AND references 24/7. Therein giving it some cred.Just ask Adam Lambert. Can’t get a spin without the requisite put down.

    And yeah, CAM, I’ll say it. Kathy Griffin? Oh big fans on Queerty. Even though she spent years stalking, harassing and making a mockery of Clay Aiken including making the guy the subject of her shows and calling him Clay Gaykin. Is it funny because he’s ~weak or something? Is it funny cuz it’s some idiot from Idol so who cares? PFFFT. Another mercenary capitalizing on LGBT people. Ditto Joan Rivers.

    These assholes are a much bigger threat to LGBT people than the stupid 12 people in the ridiculous Westboro Baptist Church that nobody takes seriously.

    When your sexuality is the target of a joke or irrelevant to a discussion, it’s homophobia.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    Upfront and marching has what, exactly to do with physical attacks? The story is about being able to physically attack another person putting your life in danger.

    Declanto is referring to the drag queen who threw the first BRICK at Stonewall. Or did you think all the boyz got all dressed up in boas and marched around in a circle with signs and that’s what changed history. Study, girl.

    @Declanto “I have personally witnessed a barfull of bitchy queens rip the living sh*t out of Bashers and Phobes, not once, but MANY times. When push comes to shove, we’re all capable of getting it on”.

    Word. I’m missing a 1 inch diameter of hair in the back of my head from my brother taking down his lover on the Fire Island ferry, a brawl that went on for what seemed like 15 minutes when my hair was stuck in the middle of their fists LMAO.

    I’m quite sure that every gay man I know would jump that guy in the story.Especially in a group and after hearing the pilot REQUEST IT? Oh hell, yes.

    And Carson. A lisp? REALLY?

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    Showbiz manwhore complex. This guy is why comedy is so boring. Corporate funding grows conservative and stupid to accomodate the “shock” comics like Opie and Anthony, Joe Rogan, Carson, Louis CK, ad nauseum. Radio, TV these midlebrow burnouts are everywhere being lauded for their “brave genius”. You’re supposed to think, “well Louis CK isnt really a paleo facsist, he’s just joking”, but then it doesn’t matter to us, does it? Terrified, straight, fifty year old boys aren’t funny anymore, and it warms my heart to know this. Carson could lose his breeder cred just bringing this up these days, but as the saying goes, stupid is as stupid does. Cynical “men” rating queers poorly honor us these days and it’s totally unintentional, really. I want them all explaining their “genius” while knowing in their hearts they are as weak and conventional as cream of wheat, and twice as sweet to the CEO. Cultural soylent green, nothing to see here.

  • sam

    This guy Carson, I have never heard of him.
    But, my guess is he has never been first to defend the underdog or someone in need of assistance.

    I look at a muscle bound guy carring weapons, with a pitt bull dog and a big mouth,
    I smile. Because, I know ,, they are feeling a lot of fear.
    Does any of this apply to Carson? He knows the answer.
    There are many men without balls.

  • FunMe

    @Callum: Kinda like that Charles Perez who had a TV show and earlier had been on MTV’s real world as the boyfriend of Norman. History repeats itself!

  • puhleaze

    @scaryrusssianheather: my point was that most gay men are very fem and that very often means an aversion to physical confrontation. It has nothing to do with a weakness of character but rather their biological makeup. Their brains are more similar to the female brain than the straight male brain, this is accepted science. No doubt you can name afew rough&tumble gays just as I can name afew rough&tumble women. Theres always afew exceptions to any rule. Generally though, the biology makes them nurtures rather than protectors. And as I said before the only people with beef with that are misogynists.

    Also you need to read up on the suffragettes if you think all they did was hold up placards. I only raised that when the poster attempted to distinguish gay men from women by raising Stonewall, so I pointed out how much longer it took gay men to physically respond to centuries of discrimination in contrast feministists primarily led by gay women.

    In the end, Carsons statement is true for anyone without their PC lenses on. And theres nothing wrong with embracing that part of yourselves.

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    @puhleaze: I’m supposed to think this is what you actually think, and not just a bunch of propaganda from the “culture warrior” tards? Yeah, you’re right on the money, idiot troll boy. Don’t breed, moron.

  • Basch

    Oh and here I was thinking painting 3 fingernails black and showing it off on live television was gay…

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