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Carson Kressley Will Get His Own Show. Just Not On Lifetime

Back in 2008, network executives at Lifetime were planning to hand Carson Kressley, of Queer Eye fame, his own talk show. Because The Gays and people of color are so good at it! But it never materialized, and as we learned last year that we’d have to say goodbye to Tyra Banks, there was still no Carson talker. Might Oprah change all that?

Helming her new Oprah Winfrey Network, the exiting talk show queen is said to be developing shows on the new network for Kressley and lesbian chef Cat Cora. (And that’s in addition to the already announced Nate Berkus talker, ensuring the gays own OWN.)

Kressley’s show looks like it’ll be a makeover/living better program, while Cora will combine cooking and lifestyle changes into a program that has her dropping in on families.

So for Kressley, it sounds like his television future is less Graham Norton and more Ty Pennington.

And before you go writing off the former makeover queen’s show as a flash in the pan, remember it was Kressley and his team of lifestyle queers whose success turned a little network called Bravo into a ridiculously popular stop on the dial. When in doubt, bet on the gays.