Cartoon Kissing

jesus kiss

We really never understood the whole Muslim Cartoon flap that had the world up in arms a few weeks ago, but then, we don’t understand why Tim Allen is famous, so what do we know. But still, The University of Toronto’s student newspaper, The Strand, is stepping into the fray.

To some degree, we felt like it was our duty to do so. We would be making a statement: that freedom of expression triumphs over all, that tactics like the administration emptying newsstands over publication of controversial subjects are Draconian and detrimental to an environment like a university, which claims to nurture new ideas and inspire independent thinking. After all, freedom of speech and freedom of the press are basic values in Canadian society. But where does freedom of images fit in?

Luckily, it’s just some student newspaper, or we all might have to suffer through another uproar. Still, it’s pretty bold of our neighbors to the north and we applaud free speech in any form. Now add the Buddha into the mix and we’ve got a cartoon we can really embrace.

Toronto Cartoon Flap [Rhymes with Right]