In Case There’s Still Confusion, Country’s Leading Antigay Activist Is A ‘Yuge Trump Supporter

Tony Perkins

You will no doubt be shocked beyond measure to learn that Tony Perkins, one of the worst anti-gay zealots in the world, really likes the cut of Donald Trump‘s jib. Yes sir, that’s a mighty fine jib. Excellent jibbing. Top notch. The best. Very classy jib.

Perkins told his followers in a conference call that a Trump presidency would be excellent news for their efforts to oppress LGBTs. That’s no surprise — for this entire campaign, Trump has either ignored the needs of queer people or been outright hostile. The best sign of his awareness of the community was when he grabbed someone else’s upside-down rainbow flag and waved it for a few seconds.

Hillary, on the other hand, has multiple in-depth plans to deal with employment and housing discrimination, international threats, and the lingering impact of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

But Trump has surrounded himself with people who hate the gays, and so it’s probably a safe bet that he does not have our best interests at heart. Trump supports the FADA, an act that would let hospitals turn away gay couples for treatment. He’d rescind Obama’s executive orders that protected our jobs from homophobic federal contractors. And let’s not forget his running mate Mike Pence, who actually killed LGBT people by yanking money away from AIDS programs and needle exchanges.

“I’ve had to fight every campaign except Donald Trump’s campaign,” Perkins said. “They actually worked with us on the platform, in fact whipped, meaning gathered votes, on one of my amendments.”

He also had harsh words for Clinton: “As Secretary of State, Clinton went in and they strong-armed foreign governments that were disproportionately Christian in their orientation, and they were told to promote the LGBT agenda or lose their financial aid from the United States of America.”

He’s talking about how Clinton withheld aid from countries that violated LGBT civil rights, which is, of course, a good thing.