CASH COW: Newt Gingrich’s Presidential Campaign Ended Nearly $5 Million In Debt

When Newt Gingrich threw in the towel on his presidential aspirations on May 2, the former Speaker’s campiagn was $4.8 million in debt, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Uh-oh, sounds like Callista’s gonna have to switch to Nice n’ Easy home color.

Though he raised $23.4 million for his campaign coffers, Gingrich owed over $200,000 for media and $580,000 for travel. Newsmax reports that his largest creditor is Moby Dick Airways, which is owed $1 million.

Funny, we thought it’d be Wendy’s or Motel 6.

Here’s how other GOP candidates are faring:

U.S. Representative Ron Paul of Texas, who announced on May 14 he was ending active campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination, reported raising $2 million last month to bring his total to $39.1 million. He had $2.5 million in cash on hand.

Paul’s fundraising total is second to the $88.7 million raised through March 30 by presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who was to file his April report later today with the FEC. The deadline is midnight.

Romney’s allied political action committee, Restore Our Future, raised $4.6 million last month, bringing its total to $56.5 million.

Source: Newsmax