Casper Van Dien’s A Nude Trooper (Again)

We feel sort of bad about that last post, so here are some NSFW pictures of Casper Van Dien and some pals from Starship Troopers 3: Marauder. We didn’t even know there was a Starship Troopers 2!

Regardless, it’s good to see Van Dien’s still strutting his out of this world stuff. Remember the stink over the original Starship‘s co-ed shower scene? Escandaloso!

Do it to it, after the jump…


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  • hell's kitchen guy

    I LOVED that movie. It was like a bunch of models as futuristic soldiers battling giant bugs. Like SF Channel meets America’s Top Model.


    Forget the stupid Trekkie movie is he packing? Because the rest is just Oooh, anytime anywhere Van!

  • Ray

    Dear God,
    Thank you. Thank you.



  • ggreen

    Casper Van Dien is a “female “ version of Robert Conrad, minus the body hair and rugged, macho, daddy appeal.

  • rick

    i think starship troopers 2 went str8 to video. it is not a very good film.

  • parisinla

    id still do him.. after all this time.

  • hells kitchen guy

    #4: He was smooth. He was pretty. He was eminently fuckable. What’s not to like? So his acting resembled a block of wood? So what?

  • eric Clark

    Why is Casper’s ass not on my face!?

  • Adrien Rose

    Very hot, Casper Van Dien is still in great shape.

  • garynyc

    The whipping scene in origional Starship !!!!

  • Derek

    I masturbated constantly over the original shower scene!Look like I have new J/O material!Thanks Casper!!!!!!!!

  • Dilroy

    How do we know he’s hung? Are there pictures of his penis? Share.

  • Jay

    No scars on his back after his “ten lashes”? What’s up with that?

  • Sean

    I don’t know why they didn’t show it, but two frames after the 6th picture is taken there is a side outline that includes his cock.

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