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Caster Semenya Isn’t Waiting for a Sports League to Decide If She’s Woman Enough to Race

Critics of Caster Semenya’s womanhood can screw themselves. She’s coming back, bitches.

Though she hasn’t been officially banned from racing, she’s stayed on the sidelines since August as the controversy around her gender, and testing for it, began; it was expected she’d remain offline until the results of her gender test were released. But now she’s insisting on returning to the track, and it’s not a quiet arrival.

In a statement released yesterday, she lashes out at the International Association of Athletics Federation, which has so far withheld its findings about Semenya’s biology, and thus her eligibility to compete in women’s races. (Preliminary results have leaked.)

Except it’s not just that IAAF is being a d-bag about her privacy, but about her livelihood. The hold up means her “athletic capabilities and earning potential are being severely compromised.” Her attorneys, she says, have tried three times to get IAAF to release a timeline, but their efforts have been ignored.

But just because she wants back in the sport doesn’t mean she’ll get it. Yesterday she was denied entry to a race outside Cape Town, ostensibly because IAAF hasn’t cleared her.

UDPATE: Athletics South Africa is telling Semenya she cannot compete until IAAF’s gender test results are back, which ASA is demanding by June.