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Caster Semenya Not Officially Intersexed Yet (But She’s Quitting Running for Now)


Toldja the media would use Caster Semenya as an excuse to print the word “hermaphrodite.” So, after yesterday’s (leaked) results of the track star’s gender tests, South Africa is responding with this: F off. And: It’s not true.

The results of Caster’s “he or she?” tests were supposed to be released, at least internally to the International Association of Athletics Federations, in November, which has led to Athletics South Africa chief Leonard Chuene to call the media reports lies. Which they might be! But for now, an intersexed international sports start makes for great copy. (Chuene’s camp says the tests so far are inconclusive, so any results are, at best, preliminary.)

It also makes for great scandal. Whether Semenya’s “true” gender has yet to be determined (god, what an awful thing to say), the pressure from yesterday’s report is great; Semenya just pulled out of a 4k race in South Africa tomorrow, and a press conference Semenya was scheduled to attend as canceled.

Quick, before it gets lame, keep freaking out about this girl! And add her to this list!