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Catching up with Pietro Boselli; Troye Sivan teams up with Nicole Kidman;

Poolside gym what more

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Fame is a bitch, but fandom kills.

That’s the lesson learned in this quickie sketch from Comedy Central’s digital series Someone’s In Here, which finds a sycophantic fanboy (Bowen Yang) getting a little too excited after running into his all-time favorite drag queen Minnie Ruff (Matt Rogers).

If you ask for one autograph too many, you can expect to pay the ultimate price:

Troye Sivan. Nicole Kidman. Troye Sivan. Nicole Kidman.

Alright, this mantra isn’t succeeding in making us transcend consciousness, but this nugget of entertainment news is: Sivan and Kidman are set to co-star in conversion therapy biopic “Boy Erased,” alongside the likes of Cherry Jones, Russell Crowe, Xavier Dolan, and Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Based on Garrard Conley’s memoir about his experiences in a conversion camp, the film will be helmed by actor-director Joel Egerton. Manchester by the Sea‘s Lucas Hedges will portray Conley.

“This movie is gonna be so important,” Sivan writes on Twitter, “and I’m honored to be part of it.”

This goes out to all you masc-for-masc guys out there.

When you really stop to think about it, you’ve been waiting your whole goddamn life to see some truly superior McDonald’s-inspired nail art, right?

The examples you’ve seen so far have been lacking, it’s true, but now it looks like we’re finally getting somewhere as a culture and as a community.

You’ve loving it, right?


Farewell, Summer 2017. As we begrudgingly make way for the season of leaves crackling underfoot and shrill ghastly creatures slurping up pumpkin spice lattés, let us say goodbye to the sun by catching up with a man who certainly knows his way around a pair of Speedos: Math teacher/physique model Pietro Boselli smolders in these Instagram photos he obsessively updated all summer long.

Check them out below:


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Liquid cooled

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Just make it quick

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Heat just heat. And height.

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Fire is a stern teacher, but what it teaches, everybody learns.

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Latest YouTube vid out (link in bio) ?

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