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  • Music908

    Well, I might qualify a #1,or a #6. I feel like I know enough that my friends say shut up , Jon, at least every other time I open my mouth. I have head the famous ” NO SPOILERS”. (Which makes no sense ,because this hasn’t ever aired before.)I think knowing less than many experts makes me more of a #6, and it is either because I can do the math, or because I am a little bit psychic. I am not discussing this with Divine in the afterlife, and I only have one female impersonator friend who has passed.However, I don’t get info from spirits. I just know crap before it happens . I scare myself, and gamblers drive me crazy for asking advice about horse races, which I never get right.I am great at Oscar ballots . I told everyone that “Moonlight” would win, and they said “WRONG”! I felt like I was watching next to Donald Trump.OK, I am not telling you…. I’m just going.

  • gary69mike

    Love watching the show, soooo funny. I’ll say this, there are some rough looking queens this season. Trinity Taylor is the exception, she looks great in drag but not so much without. But she has got to go. “I call shade!” Really??? girl, you’re one of the biggest shade throwers there is! Ut oh… i’m getting caught up in the drama… hahahaha!!!

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