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Category is: Capitol Hill eleganza! The fashion highs & lows from last night’s State of the Union

Joe Biden at the SOTU
credit: Twitter (screenshot)

Last night’s State of the Union speech was like none we’ve seen before.

While normally a pretty tepid affair where the sitting president reads off a partisan diatribe of accomplishments, Joe Biden left Sleepy Joe at home and instead brought feisty jokes, answered rowdy hecklers with stinging clapbacks, and administered just the right amount of shade to whip Republicans–and viewers at home–into a frenzy. The library is open!

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Throwing in jokes about the Super Bowl, ruining Kevin McCarthy’s reputation, and teasing GOP lawmakers who voted against his infrastructure bill by saying he’ll see them at the groundbreaking of the funded projects, Biden somehow turned his one hour and 12 minute speech into a non-transphobic Netflix comedy special.

In one of the liveliest moments of the night, right-wing loon Marjorie Taylor Green took disrespect to a new level booing and yelling “liar” after Biden said Republicans wanted to end Social Security and Medicare. Although Sen. Rick Scott of Florida has made that proposal, Biden seized the moment to get the GOP conference to all agree on camera that gutting the programs was off the table. Dark Brandon rises again!

The rambunctiousness of the night even permeated the styles choices seen inside the Capitol. While normally filled with an endless parade of ill-fitting suits and shapeless dresses from the likes of Sears, Talbots, and JC Penney, several members of Congress took the opportunity to show off their fabulous fashion finery… with some fits more successful than others. Category is: Capitol Hill eleganza!

Check out the best and worst lewks from the SOTU:

Vice President Kamala Harris

Kamala served executive realness in this custom burgundy suit and matching silk blouse by fashion designer Christian Siriano. Air Force Two isn’t the only thing that’s runway ready!

First Lady Jill Biden

Dr. FLOTUS looked snatched in this purple regal belted number, but it wasn’t the reason she had the room–and Kamala’s husband–gobsmacked!

Marjorie Taylor Green

MTG’s Ross Dress For Less snowflake pelt is giving Miss Piggy, Cruella de Vil, and Real Housewives of the Ozarks all at once. She’s a triple threat! (Apologies to Miss Piggy, Cruella, and all residents of the Ozarks).

Sen. Krysten Sinema

The former Democrat showed her true independence by wearing this Big Bird yellow Dynasty-era ’80s prom dress from the Chinese Spy Balloon Spring 2023 collection.

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bernie knows sometimes taking a fashion risk requires being safe AF.  Fingers crossed he brings back another 2021 must-have–the mittens!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah offset her virginal white straitjacket top with a heaping pile of lies, fear mongering, homophobia, race baiting, and more lies. In other words, her classic style.

Rep. Maxwell Frost

The 26-year-old Florida congressman knows the power of the right accessories by rocking pins in support of gun control and ending the climate crisis. Gen Z represent!

George Santos/Kitara Ravache

Scandalista George Santos’ latest faux pas entailed wearing the problematic Gadsen Flag pin with a mustard tie. Gurl, bye!