Cathedral City Celebrates End Of Leather Pride Weekend By Raiding Gay Bar

The Catholic-sounding Cathedral City police raided the Barracks Bar during a beer bust marking the end of Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend on Sunday evening citing “capacity issues”—no word yet on arrests. One report says that the bar has had prior disputes with police over capacity issues and displaying porn. We’ve watched the five-minute video of the raid and pulled out the most important parts:

There’s lots of cute scruffy men in beards and harnesses (it’s almost like Pride in the 1970s). At 0:40 where a cop uses a flashlight to shoo away several bar patrons. At 1:38, exiting bar patrons shield their vampire eyes against the harsh glare outside the bar.

At 2:30 one person yells “This is a waste of city resources,” while another yells, “ACT-UP! Fight back! Fight assholes!” This same person goes onto say, “Fags have no rights! Fags good night! Down with fags! Fuck you law! Thank you Cathedral City police!”

As one Towleroad commenter quips, “Act-UP… was about government and corporate greed and indifference regarding our deaths and suffering, not about capacity issues at Tea. Please cease and desist queen and go get some food.”

The real question is whether Cathedral City police enforce the law uniformly or whether they have targeted the Barracks Bar specifically. According to a fire worker interviewed in the video, all of the patrons got cleared out and would later be let back in and counted to capacity.

Via Towleroad