Anti-Gay Activists Sound Like Terrorists

Catholic Archbishop Disses Gay Hostage

Winnipeg’s Archbishop needs a lesson in manners. The Catholic banned gay former hostage James Loney from appearing at a social justice conference this weekend.

Loney had been set to speak on faith and forgiveness, but anti-gay Campaign Life Coalition convinced Archbishop James Weisgerber to rescind the invitation, despite the fact that Loney had been on a Christian peace keeping mission in Iraq before being held hostage for four months.

A message posted on Life Site, a website started by anti-abortion group Campaign Life Coalition, calls Loney an “unrepentant, active homosexual” and says Catholics have complained to the Winnipeg Archdiocese about the choice of speakers at the conference.

Loney said the cancellation reminds him of when he was held hostage by insurgents in Iraq.

“When I was in captivity I had to keep my sexual identity a secret from my captors,” he said, adding he could have been killed if his captors knew he was gay.

Could the Catholic Church really be like anti-gay Iraqi kidnappers? We’ll let CLC spokeswoman Maria Slykerman answer that: “It is on the record that he is a homosexual. If it would have been private there would be no issue. But he publicized it.”