Catholic Church Defines Backwardness By Firing Woman Who Fed Homeless For Being Gay

Gay-Catholic-600x439File this one under sigh…

The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph has fired a woman whose duties were mainly to distribute food to the homeless because it was revealed that she is gay and in a same-sex marriage.

Except it doesn’t get any more ridiculous than this — her church already knew!

Colleen Simon wasn’t hiding her marriage from anyone. In fact, she’d discussed it with the pastor when she was hired. Her wife is a reverend, for (excuse my French) Christ’s sake.

But after Simon was profiled in an article for the Kansas City Star and “outed,” the Diocese felt it had no other option than to dismiss her from her job.

That whole “in charge of managing food services for 70 families in the community” thing? Not quite as important as cleansing the church payroll of sin.

But like a true Christian, Simon approaches the situation with compassion:

“You don’t want your legacy to be one of division and ugliness,” she said. “It’s awful. But there are laws, and until that law gets changed in the church, it is what it is.”

Which sounds a bit defeatist to me, but hey, what do I know about Jesus?

It’s high time those laws are changed, seeing as the majority of U.S. Catholics support gay marriage.

I get that religious institutions are by definition stuck in the past, but welcome to the present! It’s time to start embodying those ideals you spout out to your flock.