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Catholic Church: Gay Marriage Will Lead To Exhausted Masses In Need of Hazelnut-Flavored Breakfast Roast

I do love it when folks find new things to compare same-sex marriage to. But even inside the Catholic Church it looks like the regular “it’ll lead to man-sheep weddings” is going out of favor as prelates turn to Starbucks offerings for their latest rants.

“A gay relationship is like decaffeinated coffee,” opined Father Gonzalo Miranda, a bioethics professor at Regina Apostolorum University, a pontifical university. “You do not wake up.” ZING!

The comments came during a series of conferences celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the School of Bioethics at the Universidad Anahuac’s founding — and were used to attack Mexico City’s new same-sex marriage law.

“What just happened in California is very significant,” says Miranda. “On two occasions people spoke out against the legal recognition of gay marriage and twice a judge changed the popular vote with a ruling. In Mexico, I don’t know well the mechanism used, but the people were not consulted, there’s wasn’t a referendum either.”

Let the people vote on grande vs. venti!