Catholic Church Pays $102 Million And Names 12 Molester Priests In Child Sex Abuse Settlement

It has been said in the past that the Catholic church spends more money settling child molestation cases than it does on charity. Well, add another log to that money pit because today two Roman Catholic Church groups in Delaware settled two separate pedophile priest sex abuse cases involving 39 victims over twenty years for $102.2 million. The settlement also requires that they release the names and private records of the twelve molesty priests involved in the case.

Keep in mind though that the Catholic groups initially challenged the suit saying that the statute of limitations for prosecuting child abuse charges against them had already passed. The Delaware Supreme Court rejected their challenge in February which brings us to today’s. Hopefully the humiliation of these priests and the knowledge of their handling by Catholic officials will give prosecutors, child abuse experts, and the decent Catholics a way to reduce the church’s continued sexual exploitation of children, especially since they try to pin such pedophilia on gays rather than the corrupt practices of their own pedophiliac leadership and attempts to cover up such incidents.

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