Catholic High School Principal Fired Over Support For Gay Marriage

mike moroskiMike Moroski, assistant principal at Purcell Marian High School in Cincinnati, has been fired for refusing to recant his public support for marriage equality. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati confirmed that Moroski, 34, was indeed terminated on Monday, February 11.

Moroski wrote on his blog that he was given the option to either resign his position or keep his job until June by recanting the statements he made in his post, “Choosing Your Battles.” Moroski, however, could not “in good conscience recant my statements”:

As a proud Catholic, I’m heartbroken that my belief that all committed, loving couples should be able to make a public pledge to take responsibility for each other for a lifetime has led to this ultimatum. The expressions of solidarity I have already received from Catholic priests, sisters and justice leaders in the community strengthen my faith during this difficult time. Due to my formation in Catholic grade school, high school and three Catholic universities – not to mention my marriage to the best Catholic I know, my relationship with numerous clergy and a devout Catholic family – I have firmly rooted my life in the Gospel principles of love and justice.

After twelve years of working with teenagers whose respect I have earned, I simply can’t teach them the wrong lesson now and deny my convictions. I would not be able to look them in the eye. I have tried to instill a sense of faith and fortitude in all of them regarding issues of justice for my entire adult life. I did not turn down the Archdiocese’s terms in spite of my faith. I turned them down because of my faith.

Moroski’s former students are organizing a number of protests this week in support of their beloved administrator.

“Now that he’s gone, it’s just like there’s a giant black hole where he once was,” Ian Applebee, a student at Purcell Marian, told Local 12. “It’s only right to be there for someone who’s always been there for so many. We will not give in, we’re going to make ourselves heard and we’re not going to forget.”

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  • Fidelio

    Are you sure he wasn’t fired for wearing that cap? What is that?

  • Cam

    Interesting, all the right wingers come on here screaming that bigots have the right to free speech any time one of them gets fired for being a bigot.

    Funny how I don’t see them on here when somebody is fired for opposing bigotry.

  • Steve Rider

    Christianity is a leading provider of bigotry and intolerance justified using ridiculous ancient superstitions.

  • 2eo

    You missed the memo, free speech only allies to cu*ts, hence why BJ and Avenger go on and on about the rights free speech.

  • Donald Hull

    As an active/practicing Catholic who graduated after eight years of Catholic grade school, 4 years of Catholic high school and finally the seminary, I continue to be amazed at the sheer ignorance of Catholic hierarchy. Their arrogance, their continued bigotry only confirms my suspicions that the Pope might be quitting BEFORE civil authorities bring ALL of the CHILD ABUSE allegations home TO HIM… The church has always shunned those who might bring SCANDAL to the church, it looks like it’s HIGH TIME for ‘ALL’ of the Catholic hierarchy to resign as they’ve delivered more than PLENTY OF SHAME to our church…
    I wonder, what would Jesus say about ‘you’ turning His church into a MONEY MAKING BUSINESS? AND, what would Jesus say about what ‘you’ have done to His children? SHAMEFUL doesn’t even come close to what lies ahead for each of you.

  • Dakotahgeo

    It is important to note that Mr. Morofski has done the Christian thing, not the
    (C)atholic “thing!” He will move on to brighter and bigger things. The Catholic church will slowly peel away like a badly decomposed onion!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Change is good. Doors will open for Mr. Moroski and he’ll be sufficiently pleased with his life as it unfolds, because he lives by his standards and is authentic about his beliefs. This is a test, this is only a test.

  • Chad Hunt

    I seriously hope that school is subsidized in some capacity by the government. … if it is … I smell a lawsuit … and if he does sue … sue them for enough to make them close their bigoted doors.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Chad Hunt: As a lifelong church worker (Pastor/Director of Worship/Organist/Choir Director/Hospital Chaplain) I have found that a good strong, forceful lawsuit is the only thing the recalcitrant church understands! The Catholic church is having a tough enough time making budget decisions, closing their schools anyway… this may well tip the scales against them finally!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    With all of the children they’ve raped, much of the money has gone to paying off victims. They have no moral stance that is worth any salt. Watch a documentary on Netflix titled, “Deliver us from Evil.” It’s sickening to see how they protect the pedophile priests by moving them to another diocese, where they continue to ruin children. I do not understand why this church is still operating. They are so mocked. Disintegration is so disturbingly slow. What a high price to pay for idolatry. Could you imagine having to meet your maker and be eye to eye with One Who knew your heart and all of the exploitative evil in it. Imagine the sorrow and regret when they finally leave these temporal vessels and need to rectify their actions in the spirit. The damage done is generational. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Misrepresenting Christ with a collar and an erection aimed at vulnerable youths. What a shameful life. What answers would suffice? The Bishops protecting these child molesters are not without blame. The Pope is not without blame. The politicians being nudged for favors and power are not without blame. The parishioners staying silent and adding dollars to the collection basket are not without blame. Hate is the least of this Church’s problems. Mr. Moroski is lucky to distance himself from such a despicable flock of malignant reprobates.

  • Will L

    @Dakotahgeo: As a Christian myself, I will agree that you are correct, but I will expand on your statement. He has done the MORAL thing. Not all non-Christians are heathens. :)

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Will L: Ohhh boy!!! Mea culpa! You are so correct! Thank you… (embarrassed red face here :-) ). Dak!

  • dannyal

    how do we give support to this person?

  • Donald Hull

    @dannyal: The very best way to support him is to contact the Archdiocese of Cincinatti and ‘respectfully’ let your insights be known. It will carry a lot more weight if you give your name and address. Let them know you stand firm of ending the LIES, HATE and bigotry. Thank you.

  • dwndckd

    @Steve Rider, “Christianity is a leading provider of bigotry and intolerance justified using ridiculous ancient superstitions.” And yet—this guy was willing to lose his job to prove which proves that your statement is so “fucking” false!

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