Gives New Meaning To "Social Trash"

Catholic Leader Excels In Homophobia

Someone give Jesús López Rodríguez an anti-gay medal! The Dominican Republic’s Cardinal definitely deserves one for his blasphemous comments yesterday. Blabbeando explains:

According to El Nacional, the Cardinal, arguing that fidelity should be at the core of education efforts to stem pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases “explained that for those reasons the Catholic church was opposed to promiscuity between ‘heterosexuals and maricones’ because sex had to be of the moment and between a man and a woman.”

Now, mind you, the Cardinal could have easily said ‘homosexuals’ or ‘gays’ but he specifically used the word “maricones” meaning ‘faggots’…

Apparently this isn’t the good Catholic’s first foray into the wild world of Biblically-endorsed homophobia. While discussing gays coming to Santa Domingo, Rodríguez remarked, “They should stay in Europe or the United States, we don’t need that social trash, we don’t need it.” No, because the Dominican Republican apparently has enough social trash.