Catholic League Claims Gay Dog’s Rescue From Death Is Anti-Straight Discrimination

elton-gay-dogWilliam Donahue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, threw in his two holy cents about Elton — the “gay” dog that was spared euthanasia by a good Facebook Samaritan — by arguing that the gays are now receiving preferential treatment:

The quest for autonomy has reached such a macabre level in the Netherlands that last year the Royal Dutch Medical Association expanded the list of conditions legalizing euthanasia to include “loneliness.”

In the state of Washington, a debate is currently raging over whether to expand the list of conditions legalizing euthanasia to include those who are not terminally ill, as well as those who are mentally disabled….

The place where Elton was dropped, Euthanasia Jackson TN, encourages dog adoption, but it also promotes dog euthanasia. Not, however, in Elton’s case: the shelter has no stomach for putting dogs down on the basis of sexual orientation. It must be said, though, that the shelter is not exactly inclusive in its policies. To wit: Had poor Elton not been identified as a homosexual, his heterosexuality would not have been enough to save his hide.

The moral of the story is: Being gay is not only a bonus for humans these days, it is a definite plus for dogs as well. As for straights, the lonely and the disabled, that’s another story altogether.

First of all, there’s no moral to Donahue’s story. Morals exist in things that make sense.

Second, if Elton had been “heterosexual” he wouldn’t have been at Euthanasia Jackson to begin with. The fact that his owner decided his dog’s apparent homosexuality was justification for ending his life was the real crux of the matter.

And finally, damn right being gay is a “bonus.” We also get to automatically pass go and collect $200, which we will then spend on our gay dogs.

(h/t: Gay Star News)

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  • 2eo

    450 Seventh Avenue
    New York, NY 10123
    (212) 371-3191
    Fax: (212) 371-3394

    Don’t be afraid to ring them, mail them and ensure that their horrible little world is rocked and damaged. I’ve done my part.

    Man are they going to regret posting their actual address publicly.

  • weirdleisure

    Thanks 2eo. I just called and reamed out the idiot who answers their phones since Donohue was “in a meeting”. Coward.

    QUEERTY READERS: Please call, write, fax or email these horrible people as often as possible. Post this story to your Facebook page and get your friends to do the same. Their email address is [email protected]. Give them the hell the deserve.

    And Anonymous, if you’re reading this, how about going after these sanctimonious, less-than-human pieces of s**t?

  • 2eo

    If you get 2 sheets of black A4 paper and tape them together you can run them through a fax indefinitely.

    Just saying, not that I ever did this to get Readers Digest to stop bugging me.

    All I’m saying is if you do it, it would be hilarious.

  • fagburn


    How did you check this story, please?
    You did check this story, yes?
    Who did you speak to?
    Only if you just repeat crap from Gay Star News you’ll believe anything…

  • 2eo

    @fagburn: The article has a pretty clear link to the catholic league site article.

    It’s kind of hard to draw a complaint about journalism when you didn’t read the article properly and missed an obvious link as an original source.

  • Charli Girl

    uh hellllllo..the problem IS … BECAUSE THE REDNECK BELEIVED HE WAS GAY,FREAKING MO RONS!! Rednex never dream of hurting someone that is STR8 ,THATS THE WHOLE STORY!UGHH These mo rons r soooo entertaining!

  • fagburn

    @2eo: The original story?

  • Chad Hunt

    All of these moronic religious organizations need to take some advice from Miss Felicia Jolly Good Fellow (The Adventures of Priscilia: Queen Of The Desert) “Get Down Off That Crucifix, Somebody needs the wood.”

  • Joe

    @fagburn: Yes, I’m pretty sure posting from “” is the original story. Geeze, you are dense!

  • fagburn

    @Joe: And the source of the original story about this stupid story about dog is what?
    Could be true, just wondered if anyone checked it.
    Or must we see the Catholic League as a fountain of truth…

  • erikwm

    @fagburn: It’s been all over the news. You obviously don’t read much. But just to satisfy your need, here’s a link from the alphabet network:

    From the Daily Mail in the UK:–new-owner-calls-Elton.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490#axzz2JyqRfbjz

    And the Washington Examiner:


  • erikwm

    @fagburn: And if you really want to go the extra mile to satisfy your need for accuracy, you can call this number from the article in the Examiner:

    Jackson Rabies Control Animal Shelter
    Jackson, Tennessee

  • Charli Girl

    These mo rons are so hard up,their going to try anything now! This means they KNOW their losing.
    Their crying”fowl play”Seriously? Too funny!

  • Kieran

    William Donahue is living proof that being homophobic leads to chronic ugliness. Yech.

  • Raziel Kainne

    noam chomsky describes peoples’ behavior in that a person will believe whatever supports their particular inner world and can not be shaken from that belief no matter how much logical evidence to the contrary. in most cases, this may be attributed to fear, which we all know leads so many of us down very destructive paths.

    mr.donahue will likely never change his beliefs, as most do not without a shock to the fundamental structure of their fear. it is because of such fear-based belief systems that control behavior that serious consideration must be used when making sweeping policy. a fox can not be trusted to think rationally when guarding the chicken house. that is to say, if a person who can not keep a reasonable and rational distance pertaining to issues over which he/she has influence, that person must be removed from such a position. the very inability to remain necessarily impartial creates an unresolvable paradox in which the resulting conclusions can not be trusted to be accurately representative of balanced consideration.

  • fagburn

    @erikwm: Well, it was in the Daily Mail!
    Why didn’t you say so?
    I believe everything I read in that.

  • 2eo

    @fagburn: I love it when people have been shown up and then try and be flippant. Just accept the hit and move on. It’s only the internet.

  • marieYOTZ

    I sent in my email. Absolutely abhorrent. On just so many levels.

    “Leaving aside the entire issue of whether ‘gay’ is a bonus, your absolutely absurd post completely ignored the fact that this dog was surrendered to almost certain death for engaging in behavior that is entirely normal in canines — mounting other dogs of the same sex or the opposite sex is more typically a dominance based behavior than a sexual one. The dog was trying to demonstrate that he was the bigger and stronger of the two — a behavior so full of machismo that his homophobic idiot of an owner should only have been proud and puffed up about it — had he bothered to, I dunno, do ANY research into canine behavior.

    The ‘moral’ of the fact that the poor dog’s story went viral is NOT that being gay is a boon to dogs — it’s that having an absolute imbecile of an owner who surrenders you for a reason that is BEYOND THE PALE in terms of ignorance, absurdity and hatefulness is a boon to a shelter dog. If only all people would be so absolutely creative in their reasons for turning their back on a faithful friend, maybe more shelter dogs would be able to make it out of shelters alive.

    You have embodied absolutely nothing of Christ in your post. You will continue to drive people away from God and faith with your hatefulness, your intolerance, and your ignorance. You have exemplified to me that we live in a world gone mad.

    “O simple ones, learn prudence;
    O fools, learn sense.”

  • Levyr

    I would like a gay dog for myself, just to piss off homophobes.

  • Rock Star

    This guy Bill Donahue always makes me sick whenever he opens his satanic mouth and spews out disgusting crap all the time. So he thinks gays have it good does he. Well when I was molested by two different priests years ago I didn’t think I had any bonuses of any kind and I still don’t. Imagine a gay boy of 12 being confused by his feelings about being “queer” and then being gently molested by the parish priest who somehow knew I was gay and took advantage of that and then again by my high school priest who molested me several times, and then daring to tell my family and my family punishing me for telling saying I must be making things up. Oh ya my childhood was filled with bonuses, like Father Hegarty and Father Murphy and their wandering hands. Bill Donahue is, well I can’t say how much evil he represents when he opens his satanic mouth, but I will say that Jesus would never say anything like that about gay people. Jesus actually said some people are born gay, and even blessed a gay relationship in the parable of the Roman Centurion. Look it up. If the real and actual translation of the New Testament were widely known this would be a much different world. Bill Donahues’s statement is tantamount to him saying that Jews had it easy in the concentration camps because they didn’t have to raise their children. What an a-hole to the higest degree.

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