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Catholic League Prez Reads Sex Columns. And Responds to Them


A lady magazine editor was all “Blame the nuns for your shitty sex lives, ladies” and the Catholic League was all “That’s so religious-ist!” Sorry, we can’t resist mixing sex with Jesus.

Former Men’s Health Girl Next Door scribe Nicole Beland is now the deputy editor at Cosmopolitan, a magazine for women not yet nervous about hot flashes and night sweats. But before taking the post at Cosmo, she signed off in Men’s Health by answering a husband’s question about his wife’s repressed attitude toward sex with: “It’s not easy to undo damage caused by years of exposure to Catholic-school nuns or overly conservative parents. She may need therapy to accept that sex can be a wholesome and glorious thing . . . Every positive thing you say about sex will undo some of the negativity she’s been brainwashed to feel her whole life.”


So Catholic League president William Donohue — one of America’s best homophobes! — responded: “Imagine some poor soul asking about his sexually promiscuous wife. Imagine Beland answering, ‘It’s not easy to undo damage caused by years of exposure to Jewish-school teachers or overly liberal parents.’”

So Beland mouthed off the Page Six: “I can’t believe that after writing a sex and relationship advice column for eight years, that this is the first thing that Bill Donohue has taken issue with. Clearly he’s not a devoted reader.”

Well, it is sort of amusing to know Donohue is paying attention to sex writing. Knowing that, we’re immediately forwarding him to the cultural musings of

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  • SigLNY

    That is not a pic of William Donohue, it’s a picture of John Hagee, he of Isreael-loving, Armageddon-wishing fame. Come on Queerty, get your nutso, corpulent psychochristians in order!

  • Raphael

    Ya know, it’s not like Hebrew schools have a codex of falsehoods they are required to teach kids about sexuality.

    I mean, they don’t actually teach you that Leviticus is supposed to make any sense….

  • BillyBob Thornton

    The pic looks like John Hagee, the bigoted, homophobic, you’re going to hell if you don’t believe it EXACTLY like I do, preacher from Texas. In San Antonio I think.

  • Alex

    I still haven’t figured out why Donohue is the only person who gets to be openly antisemitic and get away with it. Any thoughts?

  • Michael vdB

    Oh good…I figured that was John Hagee and didn’t think he would be head of the Catholic League when he isn’t even Catholic. Does Queerty not have a picture of William Donohue?

  • Alex

    Also, Hagee is pretty virulently anti-Catholic, and has been criticized by Donohue. Unintentional irony?

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