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Catholic Ontario School District Will Revote On Whether Nazi-Like GSAs Will Be Permitted

Having referred to gay-straight alliances as the equivalent of student Nazi groups, the Halton Catholic District School Board chairwoman Alice Anne LeMay, in Ontario, now says her statements were taken out of context and she might vote to allow the student groups. Uh huh.

Voting in November to ban GSAs in the school district, the Canadian school board now says it’ll vote again on the issue. But c’mon, it’s not like they wanted to; only because Ontario’s Ministry of Education issued new rules that forces schools to create GSAs if students request them is LeMay & Co. going to permit them.

It was just last week that LeMay was telling Xtra, in defending her vote, that the school district doesn’t “have Nazi groups either. Gay-straight alliances are banned because they are not within the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

So will anything change with the upcoming vote? Hard to tell. LeMay says she’s still unsure whether she’s going to change her mind. That said, new school board members who didn’t take part in November’s election, including an openly gay 22-year-old, will get to have a say this time around.

The requisite Facebook group has popped up, with comments like, “Students should have the right to form whatever groups they so choose within their education system, as long as they are free of hate. I find this ban completely disgusting – not to mention anti-Christian. There is no such thing as a “moral” that excludes and discriminates”; and, “reading the hurtful words that woman said make me sick to my stomache.”

Now watch that above interview with a GSA school advisor who explains the importance of these student groups. You know, to keep kids from killing themselves because of women like Alice Anne LeMay.