Catholic School Forces Lesbian Mother Off PTA Board Over Prop. 8

Life’s becoming more and more like a bad production of The Crucible every day. After news that a Catholic priest in South Carolina is denying communion to anyone who voted for Obama, comes a report that a Fresno, California woman was forced to resign from her position as President of a P.T.A. board after she attended a “No on 8” rally.

Robin McGehee’s 5 year old son Sebastian attends St. Helen’s Catholic School. After being alerted that Robin went to a vigil against Prop. 8 with her wife her wife Kathy Adams, the Diocese of Fresno ordered her to resign because she had gone against church teachings. Tiffany Rodriquez, the P.T.A. Vice-President resigned in protest over the decision.

In a letter to parents and teachers, McGehee wrote:

“It is with great regret that I compose this letter. Because of my decision to speak against a Proposition that would – and has – hurt my family, I have been asked to resign as President of the Parent Teacher Organization.”

St. Helen’s had long been aware that McGehee was a lesbian and she says she’s never made any effort to conceal her family. She is now looking for a new school for her son.