Cattrall + Sir Elton = The Gayest Show Ever

kim cattrall.jpegKim Cattrall, welcome back home to gay TV! The Sex And The City star will appear in Him and Us, a semi-autobiographical TV show about Sir Elton John‘s life:

“Him and Us,” from Touchstone TV, centers on a gay British rock star (Anthony Stewart Head) and his relationship with his longtime manager, Freddie (Cattrall).

The role of Freddie originally was written for a male but is being reworked for Cattrall.

“Having a great comic actress like Kim is so exciting,” said the project’s executive producer, Elton John. “I’m a huge fan of hers.”

Cattrall, who won a Golden Globe for her role on HBO’s “Sex and the City,” most recently co-starred in the feature “Ice Princess.”

Even though the show is just in the “pilot” stages, we are quite sure it will be on our screens soon. Everything Sir Elton touches turns to gold. And we’re thrilled to see Cattrall back on the screen, as we certainly did NOT see Ice Princess. We imagine not much has to be reworked on the “Freddie” character, as Cattrall is about a breath away from being a gay man anyway. Quite exciting.

Cattrall to partner with the gays once again {Hollywood Reporter]