Catty, Bitchy Gay Queens May Finally Land Their Own Housewives Spin-Off


It’s not surprising to hear about a casting call for a gay version of The Real Housewives. What is surprising, then, is that it took four incarnations of straight lady versions for anyone to realize “Hey, this is prrrrr-fect for them homosexuals!”

A casting call is out to New York City A-gays (or, more likely, C-gays who aspire to be A) from True Entertainment, which Gawker relays helped cast the Atlanta housewives. In stereotypical fashion, it reads:

I’m looking for the hottest young, fabulous gay men NYC has to offer for an upcoming docu-series. These boys need to be living the good life, keeping up with all the hottest shopping, restaurants, and clubs, and preferably have lots of drama keeping them busy at all hours of the day…and night. I’d love for them to be in a relationship, and we’re looking for diversity in those relationships – especially younger/older dynamics.

Do any of your friends fit this bill? We all know SOMEONE who needs to have their own TV show, right?

Yes, lots of drama! But also: Please don’t be sexualized. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Bravo’s programming, particularly its Housewives brand, it’s that gays aren’t allowed to be in love, show affection, and especially not have sex. But drag queens, apparently, can.