Cayman Gay Apology Empty?

Have officials on the Cayman Islands truly learned their lesson?

Departement of Tourism director Pilar Bush recently apologized after coppers detained American Aaron Chandler for kissing his boy friend in public, a story Queerty broke last Friday. Today, however, we hear that Tourism Minister Charles Clifford describes Chandler’s act as “offensive.”

The Minister presided over a town hall meeting Monday night and told his constituents that while he and others found Chandler’s gay ways distasteful, he can’t do anything about it:

All of us in this room and most people in Cayman would agree that what happened in that incident at Royal Palms was offensive to most people in Cayman.

The issue of being offensive to most people in Cayman is one thing. The issue for the legal department to determine is whether or not an offense was committed and it seems there were serious questions about that issue.

Chandler told us earlier this week that there’s still debate as to whether a law against public gay affection even exists. That’s where authorities should start their investigation.