Cazwell Breaks the News on Bianca Del Rio's New Credit

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Dragaholic EXCLUSIVE

Miss Cairo from Dragaholic has been given the inside scoop that the gorgeous rapper that has ‘No Selfie Control,’ spreads a smile ‘All Over Your Face’ and knows how to ‘Get Into It’ with Amanda Lepore, is nearly ready to show the world his new collaboration with the Queen of Mean herself –RuPaul’s Drag Race season six winner Bianca Del Rio!

The talented and sexy Cazwell dished the dirt on his soon-to-be-released single and video ‘Dance Like you got Good Credit,’ from his new album ‘Hard 2 B Fresh.’ Bianca shall appear as her normal, wonderfully hateful self!

After a few #testicledifficulties (technical difficulties to the people who don’t understand that well know industry term) all that needs filming is a few sexy dancers on a train and then the world will get to see Bianca in her full, wicked reining glory!

Cazwell explained, ‘When you hear DLYGGC (Dance Like you got Good Credit) it will sound like she (Bianca) wrote it… Me and Bianca worked at a party called Boybox. I was a DJ and she was the MC and, at that point she would get boys on the stage to strip and one time she said DLYGGC!’

The song is based on hip hop in the 90s. In the video we can expect to see Bianca in a store observing (and judging) somebody stealing ‘something‘. Cazwell refrained from giving too much away, but with a cheeky twinkle in his eye, I am sure we can expect something hilarious.

Cazwell’s music is available on iTunes.

In the meantime, here are three of Cazwell’s delightfully catchy videos to gag over.  We spy an Amanda Lepore!

Cazwell – No Selfie Control

Cazwell – All Over Your Face

Cazwell – Get Into It