Cazwell Invites You To Stop By His Frozen Yogurt Truck

We know that pop artists basically write their tracks with the intention of selling them to corporations for use in their ads (or sometimes corporations themselves commission the songs ahead of time), but I never thought Cazwell’s “Ice Cream Truck” — a “song for retards,” as he put it, that’s basically an excuse for hotties with bubble butts to gyrate for the camera — would go on to see additional success. But the NYC-based gay rapper agreed to swap out “ice cream” for “frozen yogurt” for the British treats company Snog in a new endorsement deal. Apparently Snog’s fro-yo is “super healthy,” but anything is gonna be good for your body when it entices you you to get down like so:

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  • TimBo

    Wow I can’t believe Queerty is only posting this now it has been around for almost 5 months other websites posted this months ago.

  • Paul Mc

    It’s different – it’s the yoghurt version!

    Gotta get me some of that cold…. err….. hot, cold stuff.


  • ??SEO

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much. I wish everyone appreciated you all and we could get rid of this AWFUL industrialized farming!

  • johnny underscore

    weird oiled muscled hairless entertainment. kind of hot though.

  • Xtincta

    @TimBo: Queerty has posted about this before. And this post is about him getting an endorsement, can’t you read?!?!?!

  • alan brickman

    he’s great!! What happened to Morning Goods….are the people who got rid of it shallow too???

  • Sam

    This is what happens when you don’t have enough talent to make it on The Jersey Shore.

  • no thanks

    He’s from Boston, and he has really bad breath. or “breaf” since he’s a rapper and all.

  • BrooklynBorn

    LOL @ No Thanks. Actually, isn’t that guy not even from Boston, but from some upper-middle-class Boston suburb? Makes the Thug put-on seem even sillier.

  • jacknasty82

    dude mostly is a comedic artist anyways half of his songs are clearly trying to be funny, why all the hate? it is a silly song and a cute/sexy video.

  • john

    oh those are all those boys from the pines this past summer.

  • RomanHans

    Yeah, what’s with all the hate? You guys obviously haven’t seen Cazwell in person. He hasn’t opened for Kylie yet.

  • PopCultureMngr

    This is a lot of fun. Interestingly, it does not make me think of my childhood ice cream vendor “Mr. Softee” at at all.

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