CBS Addresses Charges of Gay-Kiss Cutaway at Grammys

Okay, gays, are you ready to stop complaining about the weddings at the Grammys? For some reason, a lot of us seem to be awfully hot and bothered about the whole affair — accusing Macklemore of using LGBTs as a prop, accusing Queen Latifah of being closeted, frowning at Madonna, etc.

And then there’s this: a couple of people were disappointed that CBS didn’t show any of the gay couples kissing.

While it’s true that you can’t see any gay lip-locks, the broadcast is also pretty short on straight ones. Sure, you can get all conspiracy-theory about it, but there’s no evidence CBS shied away from gay love.

This is a bit of a repeat of the Rose Parade non-scandal, in which various Twitter users accused TV stations of cutting away from the wedding of a gay couple. But if you watch the broadcast, there’s actually no cutaway at all.

For their part, CBS has directly addressed the complaint, denying that they made any decision to cut away from gay couples kissing. So, okay. Satisfied? Now go find something else to gripe about.