NON-BREAKING NEWS: CBS Cancels Gay Sitcom, “Partners”

Well, you’d have to be Ray Charles (who’s both blind and dead) if you didn’t see this one coming: CBS has decided to shove its gay sitcom, Partners, back into the closet.

The freshman sitcom has been pulled from the schedule effective immediately, Deadline reports.

Starring David Krumholtz and the openly gay Michael Urie as a hetero and a homo joined at the proverbial hip, the series was based on the real-life relationship between creators, David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, who last struck gold ten years ago with Will & Grace.

The comedy hit an all-time low in the ratings this week but was never a critic’s darling to begin with – sentiments ranged from “not awful” and “derivative” to “annoying” and “sour and joyless.”

Partners helped CBS claw its way from the depths of diversity representation in what GLAAD called “an authentic and conscious effort” in its annual Where Are We on TV? report. Too bad they didn’t put more effort into producing a better show.

But then again its CBS and Two and a Half Men is still darkening their airwaves, a repeat of which will replace Partners next week on the schedule.

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