CBS Disapproves Of Big Brother Homophobia, Except For When It Makes Good TV

Remember this week’s the homophobic rant of Big Brother 13‘s Jeff Schroeder? He basically implied that Albus Dumbledore probably raped all the Hogwarts’ kid with his 13 1/2 inch wand because that’s what gay school officials do (in his mind, at least). Anyway, CBS responded that his stupid rant aired on the 24/7 Big Brother web feed and not the edited version of the broadcast, adding that Schroder’s views “do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program.”

Mhmm… OK. So why has CBS invited this repeat offender homophobe back on the air three-times over?

From GLAAD Blog:

This is by no means the first time Schroeder has delivered a homophobic tirade on Big Brother, however. Back in 2009 during the show’s 11th season, Schroeder was caught on camera repeatedly calling housemates he was in fights with anti-gay slurs, including “homos” and the f-word.

So what did CBS do to wash their hands of the openly anti-gay reality star? They made him a contestant on season 16 of The Amazing Race, and followed that by featuring him on the CBS web series Around the World for Free in 2010. Now they’ve brought him back a third time for another chance to win Big Brother.

We don’t know which is more atrocious: the fact that CBS is feigning innocence for repeatedly inviting an openly homophobic person on the air or the fact that The Amazing Race and Big Brother have both lasted 13 seasons.

Seriously though, did anyone even watch the 11th season of Big Brother? We’re curious whether CBS actually broadcasted Schroeder’s homophobic rant that time around. If they did or not, they’re making money off of homo-hating and the haters have got to go!

Or do they? Is it good to have haters like Schroeder on the show to illustrate that these anti-gay types still exist and how to deal with them? Do we really want a sanitized version of these shows that pretends that homophobia doesn’t exist?