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CBS Refused ManCrunch’s Super Bowl Ad. But What About This One for BroHarmony?

Sure,’s ad that CBS rejected was a smart move by the network — because the ad was terrible. But that doesn’t mean all websites devoted to hooking up two men are out of luck for Sunday’s marketing orgy.

Introducing BroMance, the networking site for two dudes who just want to get really, really close to each other.

(NB: Remember that United Church of Christ ad that CBS banned in 2004? Looks like another church might have a shot at getting an ad to air during Sunday’s big game. As part of Dorito’s “Crash the Super Bowl” challenge, the, 3,000-member Mosaic megachurch could have its ad titled “Casket,” spoofing Jesus’ resurrection, play during the Super Bowl if it’s among the top three vote receivers in the contest. Watch it here — and ask yourself whether spoofing Jesus somehow fits within CBS’s new “no-controversial ads” policy.)