CBS Won’t Let Super Bowl Viewers See GoDaddy’s Gay-ish Ad Or a Gay Dating Site’s Spot. 30 Seconds of Abortion Still OK

It’s unclear why CBS rejected the above Super Bowl ad from, the always provocative domain name registrar that traffics in free publicity from its too-risque-for-TV ads. But the spot, while perhaps upsetting to The Gays (stereotyping effeminate fags!), doesn’t fall into any of the typical rejection categories. It isn’t sexual; it isn’t filled with cursing; it isn’t wink-wink about anything controversial. It just features a large former football character-cum-entrepreneur, and yet CBS refuses to air it, the company claims. This, from the same network that’s letting Focus on the Family run its anti-abortion ad?

But that’s not CBS’s only exercise of its alleged anti-gay ad policy. The gay dating website, which carries the tagline “Where many, many, many men come out to play,” submitted a 30-second spot that is, CBS says, still under review. But they told ManCrunch they shouldn’t expect to see it air during the big game; all spots were sold out.

CBS is lying. It told Pop Tarts there was still room for its preservatives-laced tasty treat.

ManCrunch says it wants the ad (below) reviewed just in case an advertiser drops out at the last minute. Or, you know, to make CBS conclude whether it’s going to issue a blanket “no gays allowed” policy for the Super Bowl, while accepting, against its own policy, an advocacy ad from FOTF.


UPDATE 1/29: CBS has formally rejected the ad, saying the spot “is not within the network’s broadcast standards for Super Bowl Sunday.” That, and they weren’t certain’s credit was good enough to afford the ad, even though the site said it would pay cash in advance. To which Mancrunch responds: “We’re calling on every same-sex advocacy group to petition CBS and let them know this discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.”

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