CBS Won’t Let Super Bowl Viewers See GoDaddy’s Gay-ish Ad Or a Gay Dating Site’s Spot. 30 Seconds of Abortion Still OK

It’s unclear why CBS rejected the above Super Bowl ad from, the always provocative domain name registrar that traffics in free publicity from its too-risque-for-TV ads. But the spot, while perhaps upsetting to The Gays (stereotyping effeminate fags!), doesn’t fall into any of the typical rejection categories. It isn’t sexual; it isn’t filled with cursing; it isn’t wink-wink about anything controversial. It just features a large former football character-cum-entrepreneur, and yet CBS refuses to air it, the company claims. This, from the same network that’s letting Focus on the Family run its anti-abortion ad?

But that’s not CBS’s only exercise of its alleged anti-gay ad policy. The gay dating website, which carries the tagline “Where many, many, many men come out to play,” submitted a 30-second spot that is, CBS says, still under review. But they told ManCrunch they shouldn’t expect to see it air during the big game; all spots were sold out.

CBS is lying. It told Pop Tarts there was still room for its preservatives-laced tasty treat.

ManCrunch says it wants the ad (below) reviewed just in case an advertiser drops out at the last minute. Or, you know, to make CBS conclude whether it’s going to issue a blanket “no gays allowed” policy for the Super Bowl, while accepting, against its own policy, an advocacy ad from FOTF.


UPDATE 1/29: CBS has formally rejected the ad, saying the spot “is not within the network’s broadcast standards for Super Bowl Sunday.” That, and they weren’t certain’s credit was good enough to afford the ad, even though the site said it would pay cash in advance. To which Mancrunch responds: “We’re calling on every same-sex advocacy group to petition CBS and let them know this discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.”

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  • terrwill

    >>>> In 2004 they refused an ad for a Gay friendley church…….

    >>>>> Terrorist group focus on the family recently laid off 1/3 of its staff (boo fucking hoo). Yet there are able to afford to pay $2,3000.000.00 for 30 seconds of air time for the anti-abotion ad featuring NFL prospect Tim Tebow thankin the lord he wasn’t aborted. Guess they didn’t feel the need to focus too much on the families of those people who were laid off………

    >>>>>However BEST BIT OF GAY KARMA!!!!

    Tim Tebow’s session on Monday was described as follows:

    Stock down
    Tim Tebow, Florida, QB
    The most scrutinized prospect at the Senior Bowl struggled throughout his first day. Tebow repeatedly dropped snaps, and had a tough time hitting open receivers. While it is apparent that he has been attempting to work on his unorthodox delivery, his elongated wind up and tendency to pat the ball before releasing, clearly impact his accuracy. Given the huge disparity of opinions regarding his draft status, Tebow must quickly rectify his issues to prevent his stock from plummeting this week.

    Maybe ya shoulda concentrated more on the game instead of playin games with rightwing lunatics……..Timmy Teblows!!!

  • rf

    How come all the hotties at Lola’s pool party were bikini clad ladies?

  • Bill

    Highly offensive ad. As offensive as black face would be to an African American.

    Really truly disgusting. I would never do any kind of business with GoDaddy specifically because of the disrespect of this ad.

    But very typically heterosexual.

  • Republican

    That GoDaddy ad is very offensive. I don’t find it amusing at all. I have done business in the past with GoDaddy, but doubt I will in the future.

  • Tami

    Why would a gay man call himself “Lola”? The Go Daddy commercial is confusing homosexuality with transgenderism. How would Danica Patrick like it, if a commercial portrayed female drivers as man-hating losers?

  • Libertarian


    Yea, but abortion is cool. It’s not your body, it’s the government’s body, and we’ll tell you what you can and can’t do with it.

  • Jon Martin

    CBS owned by Viacom which owns LOGO!!!!!!!! and 365Gay. WTF so its ok to have a whole freaking network for LGBT, but lets not dare to have an ad on the headline network.


  • Washingtion Guy

    Personally I think the Go Daddy add is funny as it reminds me of a few people I know (especially one of my EXes) it comes off as tung in cheek like the rest of their adds (some people just need to get a since of humor)

    What I think is ridiculous is that CBS will run the Focus On The Family anti abortion add yet will not run any of the gay themed adds that have been presented to them, going to the point of lying to a company trying to buy time to air an add! CBS needs More then a little wake up call.

  • StudSlut

    Tim Tebow is cute. I’d do him.

  • schlukitz

    No. 7 · Jon Martin

    Kind of like the separate, but equal water fountains of old.


  • Will

    The Godaddy ad is offensive and the other one is dumb.

    I honestly wouldn’t want either of them to air during the superbowl.

  • Alex

    Too bad that mancrunch ad is so poorly made, it would be embarrassing if it did make it on air. (I thought gays were supposed to be good at “the arts”?)

  • B

    No. 5 · Tami wrote, “Why would a gay man call himself ‘Lola’?” … no idea but I once met a gay guy who calls himself that (as an alter ego that emerges after a few too many drinks).

  • terrwill

    @StudSlut: No matter how hot he is his rightous religious posterboy antics would make me physically sick…….he is a foolish asshat who has become a puppet of the rightwing flying him all over the country touting his holier than thou act, whilst his football game is circling the drain…….like I said Gay karma does exist…………

  • Alex

    @B: Is it possible I know that same “lola”?

  • Timothy Kincaid

    Why is it that the hetero folks who think that effeminacy is hysterical can never actually get it right? Any drag queen or even big ol’ girly boy knows instinctively just where the line is between laughing with you and hatefully laughing at you.

    This one crosses the line. Clearly no gay folks (with half a brain) were involved.

    If this were a gay produced ad the football player would be butch through the entire ad especially when all the half-naked girls were there only to queen out at the very last moment revealing that he was all about designing the clothes, not seeing the girls in them. That could actually be funny, if done right.

    As it is, this ad only says, “look at the big funny faggot, ha ha, look it’s funny cuz he’s effeminate, ha ha. Oh, he’s so effeminate, ha ha ha ha. (so go out and mock (and maybe beat up) the next effeminate person you see)”

  • Tom D Frog

    I didn’t find it offensive. The Mancrunch one was lame. GoDaddy was funny and well acted.

    So let me ask, What is a suitable representation of a Gay man? We come in all different shapes and sizes with different attitudes and perspectives. Would a Jock represent everyone or be offensive to the Fems for portraying all gays look and act like a straight man. Would a Biker be offensive to Jocks? The non-super hot ‘mos would be offended if the person was super hot.

    I embrace all of my Brothers and however they want to be. I celebrate all of their diversity and I adore the ones who stand out and remind the world we are here, we are queer and we are not going anywhere.

    Let thy inner queen be free!


    Don’t make me send my flying monkeys to get you~!

  • Shade

    If they had aired that ad there would be a blog the next day saying “CBS airs offensive homophobic ad, what is their problem.” Half the comments would say “But I liked it.”

    This one isn’t so cut and dry.

  • Other Libertarian

    The Superbowl is a massive masturbation rally for straight America to shoot their swimmers into the air while praising the highly Christianized, highly Evangelical all-male athletes to the victory of Masculindom.

    How come we don’t have a female Superbowl? Heck the best women get is LPGA and on occasion a WNBA viewing on national TV. Most of the time they get volleyball and in Arizona women’s rugby. Now don’t get me wrong I love all these sports but I think its a shame women athletes are treated with such disrespect and ignorance.

    As a libertarian I chose not to vote Democrat or Republican because of their adherence to the Christian Race Federation. As a gay male I refuse to offer my time or patience to a testosterone-driven religious ritual (like Christianity) such as the Superbowl and focus my sexual energy on a hot piece of ass.

  • B

    No. 15 · Alex “@B: Is it possible I know that same ‘lola’?” If you live within 100 miles of San Jose, it is pretty likely.

  • Alex

    @B: Hillarious, I’m in LA… It must be catching!

  • jason

    I think there’s no doubt that CBS is a homophobic organization. Boy, have they put their foot in it this time.

  • jason

    I don’t like Go Daddy. They’re retards. Sleazy, heteronormative, homophobic…all these describe Go Daddy.

  • alan

    Let’s not forget the vile women who take part in these homophobic ads. They’re just as guilty as the men who make them.

  • perry

    WTF is Queerty’s new ad policy? Pop up ads every click with loud sound and obnoxious preening? Get rid of it pleeeeze.

  • StudSlut

    NO.14 Terrwill
    Why don’t you criticize the GoDaddy ad Terrwill, rather than Tebow? Go Tebow Go!

  • hephaestion

    Man Crunch DOES NOT EXIST. It is a joke by some stupid heteros. They thought it would be hilarious to look at “gays” kiss. One look at their ad and you see that it is a ruse. These guys would never ever kiss in real life:

    We have been snookered.

  • anonymous

    @Jon Martin: No, it’s called the American way. Or should be say the rethuglican way.

    Ok,if they ok’d Pop Tarts then just rename the commercial Pop Twinks and don’t tell them what it really is. Just try and pass it off as some silly-assed reality show but then slip in the address of whatever site for the desperate social rejects they want it steered to and bingo, everyone is happy.

  • terrwill

    @StudSlut: Because the Go Daddy ad is an attempt at humor………..Timmy Teblow is in cohorts with a terrorist organization whos dogma advocates harm to the Gays…….

  • Dr.Bombay

    @terrwill: Attempt @humor… Hmmm. Let me check on that again sir. It didn’t make me laugh.

  • terrwill

    @hephaestion: Are you a chef? Cause you just served a whole lotta eggs on a whole lotta peoples faces………… : P

  • MissLaWanda

    this is so racist.

  • terrwill

    @Dr.Bombay: Didn’t say it was successful……….

  • Dr.Bombay

    @terrwill: I see…

  • david

    This ad is cute and sometimes we need to feel like we live here too. Though not representative of a majority of our minority I applaud GODADDY for making a piece of or race visible. Bt I also dont hold CBS accountable because hey did’nt make that decision people did.

  • B Damion

    @Timothy Kincaid what was his name dear?

  • Dirty Ole Man

    The GoDaddy Ad is so typical! They’re playing
    to the comfort levels of heterosexual homophobes.
    Straight People prefer their Gays like their
    Taco Sauce : FLAMING!

  • The Artist

    This Ad is funny, but we have to worry about “the children” seeing it. ;-)

  • Brian NJ

    Highly offensive ad. It is for straight guys to mock these two guys as weird and nuts and out of control. Their friend is sitting right there. Are they under some queer homo spell!!! Ohhhh hahahahahaha. They are watching football and one hot guy starts to start sex with the ugly guy. I just hate it.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    AD ONE: Black-face drag which appeals to homophobia
    AD TWO: Written by heterosexuals to appeal to black homophobia

    BOTH ARE OFFENSIVE! Indeed, what was Danica Patrick thinking?

    Boycott Mancrunch for stupidity! Must be straight-run!

    CBS were right and smart to turn down both ads!

  • Tamara

    Brisan. So what if the friend is right there. How many times do you see men & women making out with each other in front of other people. It looks like you’re a homophobe who thinks gays should be restricted to the bedroom and hidden from everyone else.

  • Kieran

    There’s finally a gay TV commercial and it’s a poorly done parody of some lame Saturday Night Live skit featuring two slobs on a couch? And the gay community is supposed to be up in arms because it won’t be airing during the Super Bowl? Good luck with that.

  • Lukas P.

    Mr. Focus on the Family Tim Tebow should’ve been focusing on his damn football game! If sacked, he may have to resort to doing more family-friendly work for FotF and look for limelight in another sport. Table tennis? Badminton?

    GoDaddyo and ManMunch failed to hit the funny-bone(r) with their ads, but realitically who remembers the ads the nexy day other than Madison Ave and Media Critics?

  • Kieran

    Re the GoDaddy commercial: And they wonder why athletes stay closeted? What self-respecting NFL player would want to be thought of as “Lola” depicted here?

  • Tweek

    Lol, I saw that black guy at a male strip club in Toronto. Delicious irony.

  • Tweek

    @Tweek: EDIT: the black guy from the second ad. Very hot.

  • bryce

    @Will: right on

  • Deborah

    Focus on the Family definitely leaves wondering what family are they focussing on anyway? I used to work there for about 3 years, and as a single mom I became painfully and daily aware that “my family” wasn’t the kind of family they wanted to support. At the time the organization had about 1300 employees and I think, if I remember correct 7 single parents! It was dastardly, when at the time the local population was about 25% single parent families….Yes. that’s right my name for it…single parent families. I raised hell about it and they finally started a single parent ministry, took me out to a free lunch because I came up with the name for the magazine, still no decent job or promotion out of the deal. But at least I got the ball rolling…yet still their idea for the single parent is to find a way to no be single, to move towards the model of the patriachal family. Single Parent Family should not be that way permanently. They are going to “cure” you.

    Then as a female, I also noted that time and time again getting passed up for promotions or better job positions more suited to my degreed qualifications.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to call them terrorists, that’s an exageration and loaded term but, there is and was total favoritism for one family model. So if you are a patriarchal male with a stay at home wife and children, you will get the raises and the promotions there.

    So basically they are promoting this model of “the family” unit as if it is somehow superior to other families. Well its not…15 years later and my daughter is having a wonderful life, and she even has a healthy relationship with men somehow; even though her father was not there to raise her, God Forbid, that a child should be without a male father in the home. How absolutely horrible. We have the tightest extended family ever. We are so very close and she didn’t turn out to be pregnant or a whore or (or a lesbian, god forbid) or any of those really bad bad bad things that Focus on the Family claims are detrimental to the so called family, at least their very narrow definition of it.

    So don’t feel bad. You are not the only one that Focus on the Family denies as valid.

    If you are a woman, divorsed, single, or gay or anything that does not fit into the 1950’s partiarchal “Father Dobson knows best model,” you just won’t be fully accepted into the Focus on the Family Family.

  • Thomas Potter

    @StudSlut: I would think he’d me dry and tasteless. If that’s all you want, fine. But his baggage wouldn’t go very well with mine.

    Hay, T, if you don’t want to marry a man, then don’t. ¿What’s the point you are really trying to make, here?

  • Thomas Potter

    @Dirty Ole Man: Problem is, America likes their hot sauce just spicy enough to make their tongues itch. I remember this kimchee made by this little ol’ Korean mama that would clear my sinuses when the jar was open. Then, you fart and get another clearing. Try to find kimchee at an American store that does that. ¿Where’s the bite?

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