CCTV Footage Documents Terrifying Neo-Nazi Attack On Gay Club In Kyiv

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.56.47 AMTwo nights after city officials in Kyiv (Kiev) cancelled gay Pride over lack of security and fear that a small and ill-equipped police force would not be able to protect a mass gathering of LGBTs, video of a terrifying neo-Nazi attack on a gay club in the Ukrainian capital has surfaced.

Pink News reports that the video below was captured on CCTV outside the entrance of Pomada, a gay club, on Sunday. The video begins with several presumably LGBT people entering the club, but turns into a nightmare seconds later when a gang of nearly 20 men rush the club’s entrance and attempt to pry the door open.

The men are being identified by several sources as “neo-Nazis” due to their clothing, which features neo-Nazi symbols such as the Celtic cross, and the face masks worn by several assailants.

Though it appears that no patrons were violently attacked outside the club, the video does show a short scuffle between several attackers and unidentified patrons behind the club’s door. Before the gang approaches the door, one terrified patron can be seen running away from the club, apparently followed on foot by at least two assailants.

According to Pink News, the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that the group threw “a smoke bomb and a few firecrackers” into the club. No injuries have been reported.