Cee Lo Green Thinks That Rihanna Has A “Large Lesbian” Following

Cee Lo Green has relived the controversy where a female critic didn’t like his oversexed show, he called her gay on Twitter, other people called him homophobic, and he’s still getting the whole thing wrong.

In an interview with Esquire magazine, Cee Lo tells writer Eric Spitznagel that touring as Rihanna’s opening act was eye-opening for him, because of her “large lesbian community” following.

“I didn’t realize that she has a very particular following. You know what I’m saying?” No, says the writer, “I don’t think that I do.”

So Cee clears it up for all of us.

“Let me be specific,” Cee Lo continues. “Rihanna has a large lesbian community that comes out to see her shows. ‘Cause she does a lot of girl-on-girl kind of stuff.”

Really, though?

“It’s very racy and sexually charged,” says Cee Lo. “And I like that. I like aggressive and sexually liberated women. It’s hot to me. So we were doing a show in Minneapolis, and I thought I’d rev it up in my own way. I like to have fun. I’m definitely sexually liberated and all that good stuff. I was talking a little junk on the microphone.  I said to the crowd, ‘Hey, do you guys realize that I’m just foreplay, and Rihanna’s gonna come out here and fuck you?’ ”

“I was talking shit. And it turns out, the journalist who wrote all those negative things about the show was not a man, but a gay woman. I guess my overbearing testosterone was offensive to her. She was completely appalled by my behavior. But come on, some of these people who lashed out against me on Twitter, calling me a homophobe, that’s just wrong.”

Now that Cee Lo has “cleared” this up, we just think he’s stupid, not a homophobe.

“I could never be homophobic in any kind of way, dude,” says Cee Lo. “I’m such a free bird.”

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  • jason

    Rihanna is a known supporter of murder musicians such as Beenie Man who sing about killing gays and lesbians. If there are any lesbians who follow Rihanna, they are either mentally disturbed or seriously misguided.

    As for Rihanna’s girl-girl antics, they are not being done to help the GLBT cause. She does it to titillate sleazy straight guys who have a fetish for girl-girl action. If anything, Rihanna is an enemy, not a friend, of the GLBT community.

    Rihanna has embraced and hugged dancehall musicians whose lyrics include “hang the lesbian”. Nuff said.

  • steve sydney

    The few lesbians I know can’t stand Rihanna..

    They are obsessed with the artist Pink though.

  • ek

    I prefer Otep

  • the crustybastard

    To recap: a music critic gives good review to Rihanna, poor review to Cee-Lo. Cee-Lo responds by making an issue of critic’s sexuality, using an argument which can be summarized as:

    A. “Critic is a dyke, dykes love girls, Rihanna is a girl; therefore, she got a good review.”

    B. “Critic is a dyke, dykes hate men and are offended by testosterone, I am a manly man suffused in a cloud of my own manly hormones; therefore, I got a bad review.”

    So not only does Cee-Lo sound like a ignorant homophobe, he also sounds like a thin-skinned narcissistic assbag who can’t endure any negative criticism.

    Funny, given his other job is being music critic.

  • Bryan

    I would think lesbians and bi women would dislike Rihanna tbh. She plays on the girl on girl thing for attention a lot.

  • Jeff

    Cee-lo is wore a caftan at the superbowl so he shouldn’t talk shit.

  • Rockery

    Cee-Lo has been dressing horribly for a number of years and I think he inspired Lady Gaga, they both need stylists ASAP

  • Tony (LT)

    “I guess my overbearing testosterone was offensive for her..”

    Overbearing testosterone? Cee-Lo? Really?

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