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Celebrate Same-Sex Couples: Vote Now For Your Favorite Valentine Kiss Photo


Valentine’s Day may be long gone but that’s no reason to discontinue celebrating same-sex couples from all over the world.

Check out all the amazing photos of gay couples kissing, hugging and sharing a moment of affection in Queerty’s first Valentine Kiss Photo Challenge. All the photos were submitted by readers like you!

Vote for your favorite shots by Tweeting the pic, Liking or Sharing it on Facebook. The lovely couples featured in the five most-shared photos will win a romantic dinner in their hometown.

Vote Now for Your Favorite Photo

The last day to vote is Sunday, March 2.

Take a look below at just a few of the most heartwarming photos that were submitted by Queerty readers this year, and don’t forget to vote for your faves.

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  • Jake357

    The two black and white shots are my faves.

  • katbox80

    The guy in the second pic looks like he has a nice body.
    Shame he’s hiding it.

  • SteveDenver

    I vote for the lesbian couple. The others look like stock imagery for “gay kiss.”

  • tdx3fan

    You have to actually click the link to see all the real photos… I am not really shocked that QT managed to show only the most traditionally attractive shots on the page when it comes to the gay male shots, but I am heavily disappointed. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE AVERAGE GAY COUPLE LOOKS LIKE!

  • hotshot70

    most of these pics are actors! They find a buff guy and a twink faced guy and pose them. They find 2 women in flannel, dress them all “purdy” and click a pic. How about the REAL couples? Guys that are not Adonis types, guys that are not blemish-free, guys who maybe eat a little too much fattening food? Let’s scrap the entire page of choices and write in REAL couples.

  • Oscar Raymundo

    @hotshot70: Did you click on the link to view all the photos submitted? There are over 300 photos depicting a wide variety of gay couples. REAL couples, if you will.

  • Respect4all

    @SteveDenver: Why does gay couple almost always mean “white gym queens”? As for clinking a link, you mean if I search hard enough I can find few hidden pics of women, non-white guys and some with imperfect bodies? That’s wonderful.

  • sejjo

    Not enough diversity – no people of color, all perfect looking and modelesque pin-ups with square jaws, tight abs and glistening white skin (bar the awesome lesbian couple). This is not beauty as I see it, this is perfection, and perfection is boring. I am suddenly nostalgic for the Braden Summers photo spread Queerty showed us not long ago. Maybe this is a reflection of the Queerty readership demographic (white guys who worship beauty as society defines it). I’ll check the other photos and hope they are more interesting.

  • sejjo

    Okay, I just checked the other photos and they are way more interesting (i.e. there’s more diversity)! Why couldn’t we see those here? If they were submitted by Queerty readers then they are within the taste of the Queerty readership.

  • darkorient

    Wow, Queerty. You’ve really outdone yourself being a champion of diversity with the pics you have chosen here *rollseyes*

  • Respect4all

    @sejjo: Yes, they are a more diverse group of white guys, with a few token blacks thrown in and almost no women.

  • Geeker

    Does Jack Macenroth own stock in Queerty of something cause it seems like there’s a photo or article that somehow features him every other day.

  • cooper12

    I am sick to death of people whining about “diversity” “Good looking- not real gays” Shut up or put up. You wants, black people in the shots, put your photo in.
    You clearly will not be happy until you see a Black lesbian in a wheel chair with a Spanish pro op male with Asian parents with 11 fingers, kissing at a Walmart.
    There are 10 photos, how the hell are you suppost to get every colour, sex, extra in that few of shots?
    If you don’t like what you see change it, or stop supporting the link. But forcing sites to put someone of colour or sexes on “just because” they need to fill your quota is just as wrong.
    All the shot are of gay couples in love, perhaps you should focus on that and stop being such hateful people.

  • Mdterp01


    Stay sick then.

    Anyway…I used to make comments about that but now that these sites have been around forever and nothing has changed in that aspect I have long stopped making comments on the lack of diversity. I know what sites to go to when I want to see diverse gay men. I’ve simply grown tired of pointing out the obvious, but still won’t disparage anyone who continues to make similar remarks.

  • Respect4all

    @cooper12: Stupid!

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