Celebrated European Soccer Coach Caught On Camera Using Gay Slur

While multiple athletes have landed in hot water for their anti-gay comments on Twitter recently, it can help to realize the source of their homophobia often comes from authority figures—their coaches.

Real Madrid coach José Mourinho, one of the most celebrated in the league, was caught on camera using the Spanish gay slur maricones, which means “queers” or “faggots.”

In the clip, Mourinho says, “Y esos maricones… No dicen con que balon se juega?” That translates to: “And these faggots… don’t say what ball you play with?”

Apparently there were two different colored balls on the field, one orange and one white, and he was making a reference to what colored ball to play with and that “fags” wouldn’t know which one to use. Still, offensive.

While Mourinho will probably face a fine of some sort, this is a time when a coach might need to be made an example of. They hold such authority over players, and when a coach is okay with using homophobic language, the players are, too. Unfortunately, since Mourinho is such a legend, he’ll probably get a pass.

Here’s a clip of a news report about the offending slur, it’s all in Spanish:

Source: GayStarNews. Photo via apasciuto