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Celebrating the Cutie Kicked Off Last Night’s So You Think You Can Dance

We’re sort of bored with this season of So You Think You Can Dance, but we did have our eye on one contestant in particular (spoiler alert): Jonathan Platero, who was kicked off last night’s show. Above, his first performance. Now we’ll have to stalk him on MySpace.


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  • galefan2004

    He is not bad, he has just been done to death before. Hollywood is filled with boys that look just like this only hotter.

  • edgyguy1426

    You sound so jaded for a small town Ohio boy ;)

  • galefan2004

    @edgyguy1426: I can’t help it if the dude looks like the Jonas Brothers and Zack Effron. I’m just commenting that the look has been done. That doesn’t mean he isn’t attractive though.

  • Cam

    I LOVE how that ever since Nygil Lythgow got slammed for his comments to the gay couple, they have STOPPED constantly baggering the obviously gay dances to be more Masculine. It cracks me up, it’s like the Dance world wants to pretend that 80% of the men in there AREN’T gay. (The other 20% being Russian Ballroom dancers).

  • JD

    I was a fan of Jonathan’s, but he didn’t really stack up well to the other male contestants this week. His best performance was the second dance with Karla, but this week’s wasn’t his best at all. A shame since he’s so adorable (I had a crush).

  • naprem

    I’d fuck it.

  • Tom D Frog

    Sorry, Hollywood has nothing like him. The Jonas brothers and Zac Efron are primped and polished twinks kneeling and bobbing before the almighty Disney. They are also assless wonders in skinny pants making them look ghastly from behind (I have seen 2x4s at Home Depot with more curves). Joe Jonas’ Single Ladies spoof showed how ungraceful he is.

    Jonathan has a sparkle and magnetism that so many of Hollywood’s up and comers lack. I hope we see more of him. He has been a lot of fun to watch on the dance floor because of his energy and enthusiasm.

    This season seems to have the best collection of dancers yet. Every week it is going to be hard to watch 2 go.

    Gonna Miss Him.


  • dgz

    i suggest taking solace in the continued, shirtless presence of jason glover. O_O

  • John Santos

    Isn’t that the kid from the Six Flags commercial?

  • Sean H.

    The show has also had several gay co-hosts since the incident and even managed to acknowledge that fact. And their exaggerated flamboyance was not attacked: I guess that type of criticism is reserved for non professionals who must be better equipped to receive personal attacks.

    but I digress…

    Did anybody else hear Cat refer to Jonathan as Miss Jonathan? Or was I imagining it? Interesting Freudian slip there…

  • dlpca

    @Sean H.: LMAO, I DID! I thought I was hearing things. Then I replayed it (twice), and sure enough she said “Miss Jonathan”.

    Go girl!

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