Tight squeeze

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant forced into lycra bodysuit with no room for imagination

The rules of the game are simple. (We think.)

The contestants of Celebrity Big Brother were told what to wear. (We think.)

Actually, here’s the entire context:

“Housemates are reminded that they should only be wearing costume items provided by Big Brother. Any other items should be left in the house.”

Draw from that what you will, but the fact sort-of remains: The Barchelorette’s Chad had to wear a green lycra body suit, and only a green lycra body suit.

That just leaves one natural question: To tuck or not to tuck?

Watch below as he weighs his options.

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  • Agentothe9

    That was a total waste of time.

    I’d say stop making news out of reality tv stars and their ridiculousness, but y’all seem to be the gay version of tmz.

    More hunky Australian Rugby players instead.

    • Jack Meoff

      Totally agree about the Aussie rugby players.

  • Jack Meoff

    He should be less concerned about his bulge showing and more concerned about his chicken legs in that outfit

    • Xzamilloh

      Right??? His lower body almost made me cry!! A man with no ass is heartbreaking. Unless he’s a strict top, and even then, it’s sad to look at

    • JerseyMike

      lmao… that was the first thing I noticed.. his legs look a mess

  • Louis

    Such an insensitive inarticulate homophobic ignorant douchebag.

  • Roan

    I don’t understand this. I thought these douchebags liked waving their c*cks around for the world to see?

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    hey, cupcake, why worry about it unless you’re embarrassed by what you’ve got? given the brief glimpse we got….not impressed.

    • dubstepskater94

      Amen…. didn’t look like he had much to work with or tuck… (unless he’s a grower… a lot of growing)

  • NateOcean

    OMG! Stop the presses!

    Someone I neither know nor care about, on a show I don’t watch, may or not have a penis.

    • silveroracle

      Totally agree there.

  • baal61

    Closet queer’ pretty’

    • dubstepskater94

      75% queer 25% pretty

  • Silent_Joe

    Speaking as a cosplayer, this is why you wear a dancebelt under spandex.

    Not complaining about the view though. Too bad Chad’s a douche.

  • mikeTigg

    Sheesh…icky to the max….

  • batesmotel

    Unreal. This is supposed to be a grown man. And this is what grown men are busy doing acting as if they’re four years old. Sad.

  • Felecia

    I don’t really watch Big Brother; it’s a stupid show that apparently is now so damn boring that shoving this guy into ugly green spandex was the newest angle they could come up with, lol….the addition of the shorts had him looking like the Hulk…after losing weight on a crack-cocaine binge, lol. I felt sorry for him. Fame and money is not worth being made a total fool on national TV…but the comments you guys leave on here are hilarious, and I get addicted to what my Rainbow Brothers have to say about it all. Thanks for entertaining an old lesbian, boys….:)

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